Coronavirus cases close to 2 million around world

Coronavirus cases close to 2 million around world
The virus emerged in China and then spread all over the world. Source: Al Jazeera
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Daily US Times: The confirmed coronavirus cases now closed to 2 million mark. Johns Hopkins University data reveals this somber figure. The University is tracking the disease globally.

The US university’s figures say nearly 130,000 people have died and more than 500,000 have recovered.

The US has the most cases, became the current epicenter of the outbreak, more than 26,000 people have now died there.

Late last year, the virus emerged in China and then spread all over the world.

On 2 April, it was reported one million mark. It was since doubled.

China changes focus as Wuhan hospital closes

The biggest news came from China today is one of the temporary hospitals built in central Wuhan, where the coronavirus started, has now finally closed its doors.

The Leishenshan Hospital was built in around 10 days in late January and the last patients of the hospital were transferred to regular hospitals on Tuesday.

Fewer than 300 patients are now being treated in central Hubei province, a significant low to the 10,000 plus who were being treated there in early February.

In January, millions of people watched live streams from their homes as the hospital was built, along with the Huoshenshan Hospital.

China has now changed its focus on how it could help the rest of the world.

China’s main broadcaster broadcast footages which show lots of chartered flights- military and passenger-turned-cargo planes – are entering China to collect medical supplies, which China has the ability to produce.

UK has ‘no plans’ to stop funding WHO

The UK says it has no plan to follow the US and stop funding the World Health Organization.

WHO had “an important role to play in leading the global health response”, said Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman, adding that the UK had contributed £75 million ($93m) towards efforts to stop the coronavirus.

The spokesman did not make any comment on US President Donald Trump’s decision of halt funding to the WHO.

99-year-old veteran leaves hospital

A a 99-year-old World War Two veteran has recovered from coronavirus and was discharged from hospital to the sound of trumpets and rapturous applause. Ermando Piveta fought in Africa with the Brazilian artillery during the second world war.

WW2 veteran Ermando Armelino Piveta, 99, wore his military cap as he was discharged from hospital in Brazil. Source: EPA

According to statistics released by Brazil’s National Petroleum Agency, infection among oil and gas workers may be higher than at first thought.

The figures indicate 126 confirmed cases and another 897 suspected ones. The risk is particularly great on off-shore oil platforms and ships where workers often live at close quarters.