Coronavirus cases pass 300,000 around the world

Coronavirus cases pass 300,000 around the world
Health workers prepare to receive the first patients with coronavirus at Ifema exhibition complex on Sunday in Madrid, Spain. Source: CNN
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Daily US Times: Coronavirus Cases pass 300,000 with more than 13,000 deaths around the world; 93,000 people have recovered, according to the latest data published on Sunday.

Europe is the current epicenter of the outbreak now, while Italy is suffering the most. The country has tightened lockdown in a bid to tackle the spread of coronavirus. The country’s worst-hit region Lombardy has introduced stricter measures banning vending machines, sport and physical activity outside, even individually.

The region’s President Attilio Fontana announced the new rules late on Saturday.

The tightened lockdown measures came after the country has reported nearly 800 new deaths on Saturday, far bigger than any day since the outbreak has begun.

Italy’s president Sergio Mattarella, said he hoped the rest of the world could learn from Italy’s troubles. He said citizens across the European Union needed to feel the bloc was taking concrete action to combat the virus.

Many countries are coming ahead to help Italy. Germany agreed to send medical equipment, Russia began sending military doctors, disinfection vehicles and other medical equipment to Italy and Cuba sent doctors.

Spain is the second-worst hit country after Italy as the country has seen almost 400 people died in a single day, making the national total there to 1,720.

Capital Madrid is bearing some of the highest infection rates. A makeshift hospital has been set up in a conference centre in the capital Madrid.

Pedro Sanchez, the country’s prime minister, said he was seeking to extend by 15 days a state of emergency which bars people from leaving home for non-essential reasons.

Australia announces nationwide shutdown, meaning is the country is shutting down non-essential services across the country as coronavirus cases rise rapidly.

Places of worship, pubs, gyms, clubs, and cinemas will be shut from midday on Monday, while restaurants and cafes will have to switch to takeaway only.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the nationwide shutdown after a national cabinet meeting on Sunday.

In recent days, the number of coronavirus cases in the country has risen sharply, reaching 1,315.

New South Wales (NSW) is the worst-affected state where 533 cases have been confirmed so far.

Victoria, of which Melbourne is the capital, has reported 296 cases, while Queensland reported 259.

Greece, the Netherlands, France and Germany all reported a surge in the number of deaths and cases. Romania reported its first death from the virus.

Indians bring out pots and pans to show support

India has observed a 14-hour curfew on Sunday, seen as a test run to check the country’s preparedness for a longer shutdown period.

Millions of Indians have come out on their balconies and rooftops to bang pots and pans in a show of support for doctors, nurses and other workers involved in the coronavirus fight.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked people to make noise for 10 minutes at 17:00 to show their gratitude to those working on the frontlines of the outbreak. He also indicated that more shutdown might come in the near future.

A new symptom?

Health authorities in France have said that they are observing a possible new symptom of Covid-19 in recent days – the loss of a sense of smell, known as anosmia.

Jerome Salomon, the head of the French health service, has said “the sudden disappearance of smell” in patients who did not have a blocked or runny nose appeared to be a symptom, albeit a rare one.

Loss of taste was an even rarer symptom and that both seemed to be more prevalent in young people with the virus, he said.

ENT UK, which represents ear, nose and throat specialists in the UK, has suggested that anosmia be added to the current symptom criteria for people to self-isolate.

Other doctors have cautioned that the research is not yet developed enough.