Coronavirus cases top 341,000 globally, more than 15,000 died

Coronavirus cases top 341,000 globally, more than 15,000 died2
People in Seoul have been disinfecting their own neighbourhoods. Source: EPA
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Daily US Times: More than 341,000 coronavirus cases have been reported globally, while over 15,000 have died, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.

The worst-hit countries in Europe are expecting cases to begin decreasing in the days ahead.

Senior health official of Madrid’s Regional Government, Enrique Ruiz Escudero said Spanish authorities expected so-called “peak” by the end of this week.

“We believe this week we’ll reach the famous ‘peak’ – in which we see new cases, but less than the day before,” he said.

The estimate is based on the correlation between the virus’ maximum incubation period (14 days) and the beginning of isolation measures and school closures across the country, Escudero explained.

More than 600 health workers tested positive for Covid-19 in Madrid, and 1,400 others who were in direct contact with infected patients and are in preventive home isolation.

Ignacio Aguado, the Vice President of Madrid’s regional government told radio “Onda Cero” Monday that around 20% of all nursing homes in the Spanish capital have registered cases of Covid-19.

“The problem is that the people who live there are very vulnerable: our elderly. When the virus gets in there, it’s devastating,” he said.

Pompeo slams Iran’s Supreme Leader over coronavirus

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo slams Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei over his comment on US is behind the outbreak and the regime’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

In a statement, Mr Pompeo said Iran’s “fabrications” are putting Iranian people and others around the world at “greater risk”.

He also criticized Iran for not being transparent about the number of coronavirus cases and deaths resulting from the coronavirus.

“The Iranian regime ignored repeated warnings from its own health officials and denied its first death from the coronavirus for at least nine days. The regime continues to lie to the Iranian people and the world about the number of cases and deaths, which are unfortunately far higher than the regime admits,” Pompeo said in the statement.

Total of 1,812 people have died in Iran from COVID-19, as of Monday.

Postponing summer Olympics should be considered

Amid growing calls and pressures on Japan, the Head of the Japan Olympic Committee said on Monday that postponing this summer’s Games should be considered, among other options, as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

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Mr Yasuhiro Yamashita said: “From the athletes’ point of view of safety and security, we have to come to a stage where we cannot help but consider things including postponement […] I would like to say once again it is not decided that the Olympics is not held in July.”

Though he warned that long a delay would be a burden to athletes given the possibility of having to qualify again for the Games.

Yesterday, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced that it had given itself a deadline of four weeks to make a decision on the Games.

The Japan Olympic Committee is scheduled to hold a board meeting in Tokyo on Friday to discuss the status of this summer’s Games.

Trump’s retweets signal desire to end social distancing after 15 days

US President Donald Trump is sending retweets that seem to be encouraging an end to strong social distancing measures after the current 15-day period. The president posted the tweet in time while concern from public health officials that it won’t be long enough to blunt the worst of the coronavirus.

Mr Trump retweeted one user, responding to his original tweet, who wrote, “Correct. 15 days, then we keep the high-risk groups protected as necessary and the rest of us go back to work.”