Coronavirus death toll hits 41 in China, medical staff struggle to cope

Coronavirus death toll hits 41 in China, medical staff struggle to cope
People are seen wearing face mask at Hankou railway station. Getty Images
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Daily US Times, Beijing: Chinese health officials confirmed 15 more death in the province of Hubei as Coronavirus death toll hits 41. Hubei is the place from where the virus outbroke.

Currently, there are 1,287 confirmed cases in China. The disaster comes in a time when China begins celebrations of the Lunar New Year, one of the most important dates in its calendar.

Many of the new year events have been canceled and the government is building a new hospital in the city of Wuhan.

The virus already spread Hong Kong, the US, South Korea, and Thailand. The latest impact hits Europe. France has reported three cases of Coronavirus.

French health minister confirmed on Friday that the first case was in Bordeaux, while the other two were in the Paris area.

Chinese media reports that the 1,000-bed new hospital should be ready within six days. A total of 35 diggers and 10 bulldozers are currently working round the clock.

Authorities are expecting the new hospital will “solve the shortage of existing medical resources” and would be “built fast [and] not cost much… because it will be prefabricated buildings”.

Pharmacies in the Wuhan have begun to run out of supplies and the nervous public is gathering in hospitals as Coronavirus death toll rises.

Symptoms seem to start with a fever, followed by a dry cough. After a week, it leads to shortness of breath and some patients needing hospital treatment.

Chinese social media are filled with posts of fear and anxiety among those inside Wuhan. The rising tensions of uncertainty over the ability of authorities to handle the potential epidemic.

Medical staff is struggling to give services. Many people have been turned back from the hospital due to lack of beds.

Video published in social media appears to show hospitals in the city totally overwhelmed.

One video, a hospital corridor appears to be flooded with patients waiting for test results while in another, medical workers tend patients wearing full protective suits.

China already issues travel warning to both in and out of Wuhan. The travel restrictions affect around 30 million people.

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