Coronavirus: Number of reported cases jumps 30%, death toll 132

Coronavirus Number of reported cases jumps 30%, death toll 132
The number of deaths incread tensions in China and the rest of the world. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times, Beijing: In mainland China, the number of reported cases jumps 30% overnight reaching nearly 6,000.

This is not the first time the Coronavirus outbreak caused a sharp increase. From Sunday to Monday this week, the number of cases confirmed in China had jumped by 65%.

The death toll is also in the rise. Yesterday Chinese authorities confirmed 106 deaths from Coronavirus. The number turned 132 just a day later.

As the number of death and reported cases increased day by day, tensions in mainland China and across the globe are growing.

Many countries, including the US, warned their citizens not to travel to China and have stepped up airport screenings. Indonesia and the Philippines along with some other countries have restricted Chinese tourists.

The Chinese government says they are throwing everything they have into containing the infection within its borders.

Wuhan’s Communist Party chief Ma Guoqiang said the reported cases jumps 30% as a result of government’s steps to make the Coronavirus testing more fast and efficient.

January 14, all the testing for the Wuhan coronavirus was done by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which as a “very long process,”, but now the government allowed the Hubei provincial CDC to conduct the tests.

“So our samples are no longer required to be sent to Beijing, and can be tested at the provincial CDC, with a capacity of testing about 300 cases (per day),” Ma said.

From January 24, the rate of testing also increased as nine hospitals could test the samples, “which drastically increased our testing capacity and efficiency.”

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that all Australians will be evacuated from the Hubei province, the epicenter of the current outbreak.

Two Japanese reached Tokyo from Wuhan by a direct flight. They said they are relieved to be in the home, but described the Wuhan situation as deteriorating.

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