Covid-19: Trump, Biden battle over whose plan would have cost more lives

Trump, Biden battle over whose plan would have cost more lives
The both candidates exchanges firy remarks in the debate. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: President Donald Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden each indicated on Tuesday night debate that the other had proposed Covid-19 responses that were fatal.

Biden kicked off that portion of the debate off by rattling off the death and infection rates for COVID-19 in the US.

Biden said, referring to an interview the president gave in August: “[A]bout between 750-1,000 people a day are dying. When he was presented with that number he said it is what it is.”

The Democratic candidate said: “Well, it is what it is because you are who you are. That’s why it is. The president has no plan.”

“He hasn’t laid out anything. He knew all the way back in February how serious this crisis was. He knew it was a deadly disease. What did he do?” Mr Biden added.

Biden pointed out that the Republican president on tape as acknowledging he knew the risk of Covid-19.

“He said he didn’t tell us or give people warning of it because he didn’t want to panic the American people,” Biden added.

Biden said: “You don’t panic. He panicked.”

President Trump said: “So, if we would have listened to you, the country would have been left wide open, millions of people would have died, not 200,000 – and 1 person is too much.”

The president blames China for the coronavirus pandemic, saying it should have never happened.

“They stopped it from going in, but it was China’s fault. And, by the way,” Trump said.

Mentioning Biden, he said: “When you talk about numbers, you don’t know how many people died in China, you don’t know how people died in Russia. You don’t know how many people died in India. They don’t exactly give you straight counts, just so you understand.”

“But if you look at what we’ve done — I closed it and you said he’s xenophobic … But my doing it early.”

He also said Dr. Fauci said President Trump saved thousands of lives.

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