Crash was unlikely due to “error”: Airline

Crash was unlikely due to error Airline
A member of Iran's Red Crescent searching the debris. Source: AFP
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Daily US Times, Tehran: The Ukrainian International Airline said the crash that took place on Wednesday in Tehran was unlikely due to “error”. The crash killed all 176 people on board.

Vice President of the airline company said in a statement that the crews of the flight were highly experienced.

“Tehran airport is anything but a simple one. Therefore, for several years UIA has been using this airport to conduct training on Boeing 737 aircraft aimed at evaluating pilots’ proficiency and ability to act in emergency cases.”

“According to our records, the aircraft ascended as high as 2,400 meters. Given the crew’s experience, error probability is minimal. We do not even consider such a chance”, his statement adds.

The Ukrainian Boeing 737-800 crashed just after takeoff from Tehran’s airport. Flight data shows it was climbing normally before reaching nearly 2,400m. After reaching that height, the plane simply disappears from radar.

Flight PS752 was supposed to go Kyiv. Most of the passengers were from Iran and Canada.

There is still no evidence of the crash linked with current Iran-US tensions.

Iran denied handing over the black-boxes

Iran said they would not hand over the black-boxes to US. Plane’s so-called black-box records flight data and cockpit voice what can provide crucial evidence about what happened before a crash.

Head of Iran’s Civil Aviation Authority Ali Abedzadeh said the US US would not be involved at any stage of the investigation.

Relatives of the victims and mourners gather in Kiev airport. Source: CNN

“We will not give the black box to the manufacturer [Boeing] or America,” he said.

International rules allow Iran to lead the investigation. But there are a few labs in the worlds where the complex process of decoding flight data recorders can be done.

Former FAA chief of staff Michael Goldfarb said “If the black boxes are difficult to discern, if they’re damaged, the three best labs in the world are the British, the French and the NTSB in the US. It’s very common for those three entities to either be given the lead or called in”.

In general case airline manufacturing company involved in the investigation. But in this case, it seems very complicated for Boeing to take part in the investigation as hostilities between the US and Iran raised a new high.

Who are the victims?

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko said victims were 82 Iranians, 63 Canadians, 11 Ukrainians including all nine crew, 10 Swedes, four Afghans, three Britons and three Germans. Why so large numbers of Canadian were on the flight, is not clear yet. The airline provides relatively inexpensive flights via Kyiv to Toronto.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke with Donald Trump. US President expressed his condolences to the victims.

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