Cryptocurrency heist hacker returns $260m in funds

Cryptocurrency heist hacker returns $260m in funds
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Daily US Times: The hacker behind one of the largest cryptocurrency heists in history has returned almost half of the $600m stolen assets.

The firm affected, Poly Network wrote a letter on Twitter on Tuesday, asking the individual to get in touch “to work out a solution”.

The hacker then posted messages pledging to return the stolen money, claiming to be “not very interested in money”.

Poly Network, a blockchain platform which lets users swap different types of digital tokens, said on Wednesday that it had received $260m back.

The company posted on Twitter that it had been sent back three cryptocurrencies, including $256m worth of Binance Smart Chain (BSC), $3.3m worth of Ethereum and $1m worth of Polygon.

A total of $84m in Polygon tokens and $269m in Ethereum tokens has yet to be recovered.

A blockchain is a log or ledger, of every single transaction made of a cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin.

Instead of being held by anyone single authority, the ledger is distributed to all the users in the network to verify all new transactions when they occur.

According to Tom Robinson, a London-based blockchain analytics and compliance firm’s co-founder, the hacker published a three-page-long Q&A session on one of the blockchains essentially in the form of a self-interview.”

The hacker claimed to have always planned to return the tokens and said the heist was carried out to highlight vulnerabilities in Poly Network software.

The hacker wrote in the notes embedded on the Ethereum blockchain: “I know it hurts when people are attacked, but shouldn’t they learn something from those hacks?”

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