Coronavirus: Deadliest day so far killed 97 people in China

Deadliest day so far killed 97 people in China
Death toll is rising, but an increasing number of patients are recovering. Source: Reuters
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Daily US Times, Beijing: Coronavirus outbreak has seen its deadliest day so far, killing 97 people in a single day, Sunday. The number is the highest number of casualties in a day.

The total number of deaths rose to 908, the outbreak already crossed SARS outbreak by the number of deaths. But the number of newly-infected people per day has stabilized.

More than 40 thousand people are infected across China and 187,518 are under medical observation.

A special team of experts has been sent to Beijing by the World Health Organization to help investigate the new virus.

Chinese authorities’ data shows 3,281 patients have been cured and discharged from hospital.

On Monday, millions of people joined their work after Lunar New Year break, which was extended from January 31 in an attempt to curb the outbreak.

Though the offices are open now, precautionary measures remain in place, including the staggering of working hours, and the selective reopening of workplaces.

Over the weekend, coronavirus death numbers overtook that of the SARS outbreak in 2003 which killed 774 people worldwide.

WHo said the number of the new cases was stabilising, but warned that it is too early to say the virus reached the peak.

On Sunday, WHO sent an international mission to help coordinate a response to the outbreak.

Chinese city of Wuhan is the epicenter of the new coronavirus, which has seen the deadliest day so far on Sunday. The city of 11 million people are in lockdown for weeks.

On January 30, WHO declared the coronavirus situation a global health emergency.

At least 27 countries have reported coronavirus cases so far but so far there have only been two deaths outside of mainland China, in the Philippines and Hong Kong.

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