Death toll rises after Ida’s remnants hit Northeast

Death toll rises after Ida’s remnants hit Northeast
Vehicles are under water during flooding in Philadelphia, Thursday, Sept. 2, 2021. Source: AP
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Daily US Times: Death toll rises after Ida’s remnants hit Northeast, with at least nine people have died due to flooding in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania as basement apartments suddenly flooded with water and boulevards and freeways turned into rivers, submerging cars.

The death toll raised to 9 in New Jersey and New York City. A spokesperson for the New York City police says a total of 8 people died when they became trapped in flooded basements.

Officials outside of Philadelphia reported “multiple fatalities,” but no additional details were immediately available.

Water poured into New York City subway tunnels as catastrophic flooding came to America’s largest city. Scientists have warned floods like this likely and will be more common with man-made global warming,

The rain ended by daybreak Thursday as rescue crews searched for more trapped people and braced for potentially finding more bodies.

While declaring a state of emergency in New York City late Wednesday, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said: “We’re enduring an historic weather event tonight with record breaking rain across the city, brutal flooding and dangerous conditions on our roads.”

Subway tracks and stations became so flooded that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority suspended all service. Social media videos show subway riders standing on seats in cars filled with water.

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