Democratic debate: Feuds, winners and losers

Democratic debate Feuds, winners and losers
The debate was the last before primaries. Source: CBS
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Daily US Times, Iowa: It was the last debate for the Democratic presidential rivals before the primaries kick off on February 3. But the last debate remains the most feud one.

Candidates also had a real sense of urgency to convince the voters as well.

The primary season begins on February 3 with the Iowa caucuses. On that day Democratic voters in this state will pick who they want to take on Donald Trump in November.

Six Democratic candidates stand side by side to the debate stage in Des Moines, the Republican US president they have in their sights was mocking them at a rally 400 miles east in Wisconsin.

Key moments of the debate

The feud between the two frontrunners, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, caught everyone’s attention. After the debate, Warren appears to snub Sanders’ handshake. The moment told its own story.

The two most liberal candidates were highly anticipated to the debate stage after a comment of Warren made headlines. Warren accused Sanders of telling her in December 2018 that a woman couldn’t win the presidency, but Sanders denied it.

Sanders replied about the question saying he has long supported the idea of a woman president. He pointed a video message of him recorded about 30 years ago where he supported woman president.

In her turn, Warren clearly spent time crafting, she hit a number of political targets almost in one breath.

One of the most key moments of the debate was when Warren took all the other male candidate by saying she and Amy Klobuchar, the other woman candidate on the stage ha won every election they’ve been in. But the three male politicians debating have lost 10 between them.

Both Amy Klobuchar and the audience applauded her take.

Winners and losers

According to CNN, former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg among the winners. He proved Tuesday night that he is the best debater in this field. According to the report of CNN: In the first 30 minutes of the debate, Buttigieg showed a competency, steadiness and depth of knowledge coupled with a personal experience that should help him pass the commander-in-chief test in the eyes of voters.

Elizabeth Warren also rocked the stage. The Massachusetts senator wasn’t just a zinger that will be quickly forgotten, either; it’s an effective pushback against the idea that she is too liberal to beat Trump.

Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Tom Steyer are the losers, according to the media.

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