Democratic wins could strengthen Biden’s legislative push

Democratic wins could strengthen Biden’s legislative push
President-elect Joe Biden speaks during an event at The Queen theater in Wilmington, Del., Friday, Jan. 8, 2021, to announce key administration posts. Source: AP Photo
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Daily US Times: President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in November’s presidential election was tempered by concerns that he would face opposition from Republican Party in the Senate that could stymie him at every turn. But Democratic Party can feel some relief now.

Those worries eased this past week when Democratic candidates swept two Senate special elections in Georgia, giving Joe Biden’s party control of the White House and Congress for the first time since 2011. And the bipartisan outrage over the violent insurrection at the Capitol building by pro-Trump supporters could, at least for a moment, ease the partisan tensions that have paralyzed the legislative process for years.

On Friday, Biden said: “I think it makes my job easier, quite frankly,” adding that “a number” of Senate Republicans had called call him to say they “are as outraged and disappointed and embarrassed and mortified by the president’s conduct as I am and Democrats are.”

Joe Biden, the two term vice president under Barack Obama, ran for office pledging to enact the boldest legislative agenda since the Great Depression, passing massive aid package to combat the pandemic to trillions of new spending to address climate change, tackle economic inequality and expand health coverage. To accomplish even a slice of his plans, the president-elect will have to expertly navigate a Congress that, while in Democratic hands, is closely divided.

The Senate will be split evenly, with Kamala Harris casting the tiebreaking vote when needed. The 222-211 Democratic majority in the House of Representatives is the party’s narrowest in decades.

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