Democrats unveil formal impeachment charges against Trump

Daily US Times
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Daily US times, Washington: The Democratic-controlled US House Judiciary Committee has unveiled charges against President Donald Trump, a key move in impeaching him.

The US House Judiciary Committee controlled by the Democrats has announced the article of impeachment against President Donald Trump. The President was accused of two articles.

Committee chief Jerry Nadler revealed the articles. First, abuse of power and second, obstructing of Congress.

Later next this week, a full-pledged vote will be held in the Congress, where it’s expected to be passed. Democrats have the majority in Congress.

If the impeachment bill is passed in the Congress, it will force the Senate to make a trial against the President. Trump’s party, The Republican party, hold the majority in the Senate.

Today’s announcement marked a historic move in US history and the nation only seen this type of movement only a few times.

President Trump denied all the accusations made against him and claims it’s done for domestic political reasons. He stated he has done nothing wrong and labelled the impeachment attempt as ‘madness’.

President Trump requested Ukrainian President to dig up dirt on his political rival Joe Biden in a July phone call.

A whistleblower complained this which lead this impeachment.

After the whistleblower complaint, the Democrats launched impeachment inquiry against the President.

Weeks of investigation confirmed Trump withheld 400 million dollars military aid to Ukraine what the Congress already approved.

He asked Ukrainian President to give him ‘a favour’ (investigation against Joe Biden’s son Hunter) in exchange of that aid.