Demolition of Miami site brought forward

Miami building collapse Demolition date brought forward
A demolition order has already been signed by the authorities. Source: Reuters
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Daily US Times: The demolition of the standing portion of the Miami apartment block that collapsed on 24 June has been brought forward due to an approaching tropical storm.

Officials say, the upright section of Champlain Towers South will be destroyed within days to allow rescuers to search the site safely

The death toll has risen to 24, with 121 people are still missing after the collapse of the 12-storey building on 24 June.

Officials are investigating other tower blocks for structural faults.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said on Saturday that the forthcoming demolition would “protect our search-and-rescue teams”.

“We don’t know when it could fall over. With these gusts that would create a real severe hazard,” he added.

Storm Elsa, a 120km/h (75-mph) hurricane, could potentially hit Florida early next week.

Daniella Cava Levine, Miami-Dade County Mayor, signed a demolition order on Friday. The mayor initially said she expected the demolition would not happen until late July.

Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett said the fear was that the storm would knock the rest of the building down and drop rubble on to the zone where survivors were still being sought.

He said: “Obviously the building is a problem and the only solution is to get rid of it.”

The families of those still missing had been told of the decision and “they understand”. No-one has been found alive since the first hours after the collapse of the building.

On Saturday, demolition experts have been devising a plan, and the destruction will be controlled, with the use of explosive charges.

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