Donald Trump uses new website to rewrite history of his presidency

Donald Trump uses new website to rewrite history of his presidency
Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: Former US President Donald Trump has launched a new website celebrating his time in the White House that includes a very selective retelling of the history of his presidency. is billed as a platform for the supporters of Mr Trump to stay in touch and a place where the former president will continue his “America first” campaign.

The centrepiece of the site is an 885-word history of his presidency, listing his administration’s achievements of what it describes as “the most extraordinary political movement in history”.

In a hyperbolic opening paragraph, it says Donald Trump dethroned political dynasties, “overcame virtually every entrenched power structure” and defeated “the Washington establishment”.

However, the history does omit several significant moments from Trump’s time in the Oval Office.

“President Trump ushered in a period of unprecedented economic growth, job creation, soaring wages, and booming incomes,,” the site says about the economy.

Mr Trump, the only president in the US history to be impeached twice, frequently described his administration as building “the greatest economy in the history of our country”, a claim repeatedly debunked.

It also fails to note that during the coronavirus pandemic last year the US economy suffered one of its worst financial crashes.

The US recorded the world’s largest Covid-19 death toll in Trump’s presidency, but the website describes his handling of the coronavirus pandemic as a success, saying: “When the coronavirus plague arrived from China, afflicting every nation around the globe, President Trump acted early and decisively.”

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