Dr Fauci warns Christmas is ‘greater challenge’ than Thanksgiving

Fauci warns Christmas is 'greater challenge' than Thanksgiving
Fauci: "We've got to not walk away from the facts and the data". Source: Reuters
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Daily US Times: Dr Anthony Fauci has warned of another surge in coronavirus cases after Christmas – even with the rise following Thanksgiving still being tackled.

Top US diseases expert, who has been asked by President-elect Joe Biden to be his Covid chief medical adviser, said the longer Christmas/New Year period may be even more of a challenge.

The US is seeing peak in Covid infections of close to 200,000 a day on average with record numbers of people in hospital.

Most part of California is under a strict new lockdown, with other states announcing record increases in cases.

The US has recorded 282,500 deaths and more than 14.7 million cases of infection in the pandemic so far, according to Johns Hopkins University research.

President Trump has been accused of downplaying measures to contain the virus such as mask wearing but the US has also had to deal with different states taking different approaches to tackling the disease.

In an interview with CNN, Dr Fauci said his concerns for Christmas were the same as his concerns for Thanksgiving, “only this may be even more compounded because it’s a longer holiday.”

The top infectious disease expert said nobody wanted to modify or shut down the holiday season, but “we’re at a very critical time… we’ve got to not walk away from the facts and the data. This is tough going for all of us”.

Millions defied appeals from public health experts not to travel over the Thanksgiving period – the Sunday after the Thursday 26 November holiday saw the most air travellers since March and the Covid effects are still to be fully felt.

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