Earth is shaking less and life back to nature

Back to nature: sunlight, trees, landscape, hill, nature, grass and sky. Photo source: WallHere
Back to nature: sunlight, trees, landscape, hill, nature, grass and sky. Photo source: WallHere
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Rehana Rahman, Daily US Times: Back to nature or return to nature is a philosophy or style of living which emphasizes closeness to nature, rather than artifice and civilization.

COVID-19 coronavirus and lockdown are making a natural world. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are now living in their homes, that the world is shaking less and life back to nature.

As a result, the motions of this world have also changed. Because people are not going out, there are very few cars and trains running, millions of heavy industries are now closed.

The pressure on the surface of the earth has decreased and that’s why the earth is shaking less. The world weighs six billion trillion tons. That change is surprising considering that.

Earthquakes dropped

Scientists at the Royal Observatory in Belgium first noticed that the earth’s tremors had dropped.

They say- ‘The surface tilt is much lower now at a frequency of 8-20 hertz (the frequency of the sound of an organ) than in the lockdown.’

Not only in Belgium, but the change on the surface of the earth and ‘back to nature’ is also being observed in many places around the world.

The scientists in Nepal have noticed a similar trend. A researcher at the Paris Institute of Earth Physics says- earthquakes in Paris have dropped to ‘dramatic levels’. Researchers at Cal Tech University marvel at the tremor rate in downtown Los Angeles.

Some scientists got specific reasons why earthquakes have dropped in one area.

Steven Hicks, of Imperial College, London, says, earthquakes have slowed down on two lanes of the highway between London and Wales as traffic on the main highway M-4 is reduced.

However, the ups and downs of sound and earthquake are not something new.

At certain times of the year and certain times of the day, people’s movements increase and decrease.

During the festival or during the holidays, the noise or the tinkling of the surface is reduced. Likewise, they are reduced by night rather than by day.

But what is happening now is that human activity is much slower throughout the world in weeks or months. And the pressure on the earth is rare.

Not only was the earthquake reduced in lockdown, but nature has changed, back to nature everything.

Nitrogen dioxide gas much less in the air

Satellite figures show that nitrogen dioxide gas, which plays a major role in environmental pollution, is now much less in the air. Because bus-truck-cars, factory smoke is much less now. The noise on the earth is much lower now.

Animals walk happily leaving the sanctuary as the main roads of different cities in different parts of the world are empty.

The pink and blue dolphins in the sea are swimming with joy because of no ships or boats on the sea. As the beaches are empty, the climber of the shore has grown and flowered.

Scientists who measure noise pollution or reckon ocean noise, say in a single voice the noise on the earth is much lower now.

It does not mean that the shaking of the earth has settled, but the scientists are optimists by the change of pace.

Due to various activities of human beings, so many noises are created that it is difficult for them to observe the natural movements of the earth and nature.

“Now you are getting signals that are very clear and low noise, so data analysis of those signals is now easier,” said Andy Frasetto, an expert at the Washington Research Institute for Seismology.

Back to nature: Coronavirus Is Helping the Environment

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