Emma Raducanu celebrated in China for her heritage

Emma Raducanu celebrated in China for her heritage
Social media users in China can't get enough of Emma Raducanu. Source: PA Media
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Daily US Times: Chinese social media users are celebrating British tennis star Emma Raducanu – not just because of her historic US Open win but her Chinese heritage.

Emma Raducanu was born in Canada to a Chinese mother and Romanian father, before moving to London at the age of two.

Many on Chinese social media site Weibo praised the Raducany, 18 calling her a “Dongbei girl” – a reference to her mother’s ancestral home.

A video of Raducanu thanking her fans in Mandarin also went viral on the Chinese social media.

“She speaks just like a ‘Dong Bei (north-east Chinese) girl’. How amazing!” a user or Weibo commented.

The British tennis sensation has previously spoken openly about her Chinese heritage, something Chinese netizens have taken pride in.

A Weibo user wrote: “She said she visits China regularly, and that one of her idols is Li Na. I’m so moved.”

Li Na is a celebrated former tennis player of China.

Many Chinese likened her in looks to a Taiwanese pop star, as one said: “We must support the Rainie Yang of the tennis court.”

But some also chose to keep some distance: “She’s British – why are all of you now trying to claim her as your own?”

In interviews, Emma Raducanu has paid tribute to her mother and that side of the family.

She said: “They are so mentally resilient – it’s like nothing can bring them down. I would say I take a big part of my inspiration from her. My mum has worked very hard.”

The teenager has also said that she loves nothing more than binge-watching Taiwanese television shows.

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