European Commission issued guidelines on 5G networks

European Commission issued guidelines on 5G networks
Europe come under pressure to limit the role of the China-based Huawei. Source: PA MEDIA
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Daily US Times, Brussels: The European Commission has issued guidelines on 5G networks and outlined the role that “high-risk” vendors should play in networks.

After the US banned Chinese giant Huawei, Europe also comes under pressure to limit the role of the company. The US long claimed that the China-based company used its tools fro spying, which the company denied.

The European Commission said the member states should agree on the best way to secure their 5G networks by 30 April.

Yesterday, the UK has decided to allow Huawei to build its 5G, but with restrictions.

EC guidelines did not name Huawei and the decision on which equipment to use is left to individual countries.

The non-binding EC recommendations call on member states to:

  • assess the risk of suppliers
  • reveal exclusions for key assets considered as critical (such as the core network)
  • strengthen security requirements
  • restrict suppliers considered to be high-risk
  • ensure governments get audit telecoms operators to provide detailed data on sourcing of 5G equipment
  • set up a legal or regulatory framework to control the use of outsourced suppliers

The EC said in a press release: ”5G networks offer more potential entry points for attackers. Cyber-security threats are on the rise and becoming increasingly sophisticated.”

“As many critical services will depend on 5G, ensuring the security of networks is of highest strategic importance for the entire EU”, the press release added.

Huawei competes with Finland’s Nokia and Sweden’s Ericsson for the role as a 5G vendor.