Facebook and Twitter grilled over US election actions

Facebook and Twitter grilled over US election actions
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Daily US Times: The chief executives of Facebook and Twitter have been challenged and grilled over their handling of the US election in their latest appearance before the US Senate.

Democrats questioned whether steps taken to flag that President Trump’s unproven claims of election fraud were “disputed” had gone far enough, while Republican members of the Judiciary Committee asked whether the tech firms should be taking such action at all.

This was the second time Mark Zuckerburg and Jack Dorsi had been cross-examined in three weeks.

Last month, they were previously questioned by the Senate Commerce Committee in what was a more rowdy event.

This time again, the issue of a law known as Section 230 loomed large.

It says the platforms like Facebook and Twitter are generally not responsible for illegal or offensive things users post on them.

President-elect Joe Biden has suggested the regulation should be “revoked” since the law encourages the spread of falsehoods, and several Democratic senators at the latest hearing followed his lead.

Republican senators also voiced concern of their own.

They said the social media companies were taking editorial decisions about what leave unaltered, to take down or label.

This, they said, made the social media companies publishers rather than just distributors of information, and as a consequence they should not be covered by Section 230 in its current form.

Republican Senator Blackburn said: “Federal law gave you the ability to stand up and grow without being hit by lawsuits.”

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