Facebook says it helped people flee from Afghanistan, including staff

Facebook says it helped people flee, including staff
A group of Afghan citizens arriving at the Mexico City International Airport. Source: Government of Mexico
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Daily US Times: Facebook has said that it took part in an effort to help 175 citizens leave Afghanistan after Islamist militia group Taliban took control of the country.

It said some staff members were also on the flight to Mexico City.

The Mexican government confirmed the flight was carrying independent journalists and activists along with their families who are also in danger. There are 75 children in the flight.

Multi-national organisations and companies have continued to withdrawal from Afghanistan in the aftermath of Taliban takeover.

A Facebook spokesperson said: “In the process of assisting Facebook employees and close partners leave Afghanistan, we joined an effort to help a group of journalists and their families who were in grave danger.”

Facebook thanked Mexican government for their leadership, ”and the support of the UAE in providing the initial landing, the journalists have been welcomed in Mexico.”

The company did not give any further details about the matter due to the ongoing security situation in Afghanistan.

The Mexican government said the group of Afghans arrived in Mexico City on Wednesday.

“This group, the fourth to come to Mexico for humanitarian reasons due to the situation in Afghanistan, is made up of social media workers, activists and independent journalists and their families, including 75 children,” the Mexican government has said.

Facebook has introduced in new safety measures for users worried for their safety in Afghanistan, as the Taliban continued to tighten their grip on power.

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