Facebook’s Oversight Board to rule on Trump account ban

Facebook Oversight Board to rule on Trump account ban
Facebook's Oversight Board is set to announce its findings on Wednesday. Source: GETTY IMAGES
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Daily US Times: Facebook’s Oversight Board is set to rule on whether Donald Trump can return to Instagram and Facebook.

The former president was banned from both social media sites in January following the Capitol Hill riots.

Facebook’s Oversight board is expected to announce its findings on Wednesday morning, US media reports.

Mr Trump, who is also banned from Twitter and YouTube, launched a new website on Tuesday to update supporters.

Facebook’s Oversight Board was due to announce its decision last month but the ruling was delayed in order to review more than 9,000 public responses to cases, it said.

Wednesday’s ruling on Donald Trump is set to be the biggest decision the board, often referred to as “Facebook’s Supreme Court”, has taken since it was formed last year.

The ruling cannot be appealed against and cannot be overruled by any Facebook employee.

The board was set up to rule on difficult or controversial moderation decisions made by Facebook.

It was established by Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg but operates as an independent entity, although its wages and other costs are covered by Facebook. It is made up of human rights activists, journalists, lawyers and academics.

The committee has already ruled on nine cases including a comment that seemed derogatory and abusive to Muslims. The post from a user in Myanmar, which was removed from the platform for breaking hate-speech rules, was found by the board not to be Islamophobic when taken in context.

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