Fauci says US heading in wrong direction as cases rise

Fauci says US heading in wrong direction as cases rise
Dr Anthony Fauci said he was frustrated by the slump in vaccine uptake. Source: Reuters
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Daily US Times: A top health expert has warned that the United States is heading “in the wrong direction” on the coronavirus pandemic as infections surge among the unvaccinated.

Dr Anthony Fauci said the Delta variant was driving the spike in areas with low vaccination rates.

Health officials were considering revising mask guidance for Americans who were vaccinated against Covid-19 in an attempt to curb cases, Dr Fauci said.

He said Offering booster jabs to vulnerable people was also under review.

Dr Fauci, the chief medical adviser to US President Joe Biden, said: ”The coronavirus situation in the US is becoming a pandemic among the unvaccinated”.

More than 162.7 million people – or 49% of the population – have been fully vaccinated against the virus in the US, official data shows.

The United States had been a world leader in vaccine uptake until April, when vaccination rates started to drop off.

Vaccination rates are particularly low in southern states of the country, where fewer than half of residents have received their first dose of Covid-19 vaccine in some cases.

Meanwhile in the US, daily Covid-19 infections are on the rise again after numbers fell in May and June.

Dr Fauci’s comment of ‘US going in wrong direction’ came when the resurgence has added to the more than 34m infections and 610,000 deaths recorded so far in the US.

The trend has been attributed to the rapid spread of the highly transmissible Delta variant of Covid-19.

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