Former Australian PM accused of ‘asking daughter to keep rape claim secret’

Former Australian PM acused 'asking daughter to keep rape claim secret'
Bob Hawke and his daughter Ms Dillon. Source:
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Former Australian PM Bob Hawke’s daughter claims, she was raped by her father’s colleague in the 1980s, but she was asked to remain silent to avoid harming his (Hawke’s) career.

Rosslyn Dillon’s, now 65 years old, allegations were made in court paper seen by Australian news site News Daily.

She says she was raped by Mr Landeryou, an MP in Hawke’s Labor Party. Both of the men are dead now. Bob Hawke died earlier this year.

Ms Dillon is in a row to pursue an A$4m (£2m; $2.7m) inherit on her father’s property. In an affidavit, Ms Dillon alleges she was raped by Landeryou while working for his office. On that time Hawke was making an attempt to be the chief of Labor Party.

In response to the papers, Ms Dillon says she was sexually assaulted for thrice, in 1983.

After the third time, she informed her father that she had been raped and wished to go to the police to complain. However, he responded by saying: “You can’t. I can’t have any controversies right now. I am sorry but I am challenging for the leadership of the Labor Party,” the documents show.

Ms Dillon’s sister, Sue Pieters-Hawke, informed The News Daily the family had knowledge about the allegation. She said, Ms Dillon informed the issue to the family, and family members knew it. Different members of the family haven’t commented to Australian media.

A former union official, Landeryou served as an MP from 1976-1992. He and Hawke are mentioned to have been on good phrases all through Hawke’s premiership.

Hawke was the dominant determine in 1980s Australian politics, dominant in 4 general elections.

He launched sweeping financial and social change to his nation, whereas cultivating a public persona of a down-to-earth, beer-swigging rogue.