Gender reveal party using massive explosives sets off earthquake reports

Gender reveal party using 80 pounds of explosives sets off earthquake reports
These still images taken from a video provided by the US Forest Service show the moment a gender-reveal party sparked a wildfire in Green Valley, Arizona, in April 2017. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: A gender reveal party of a New Hampshire family was such a blast that it set off reports of an earthquake, and according to police, the sound could be heard from across the state line.

Police in Kingston town received reports of a loud explosion Tuesday evening. They responded to Torromeo quarry where police found people who acknowledged holding a gender reveal party with explosives.

The source of the blast was 80 pounds of Tannerite, according to police.

Police said the family thought the quarry would be the safest spot to blast explosive, which is typically sold over the counter as a target for firearms practice.

NBC 10 Boston reported that nearby residents said the blast rocked their homes and some reported property damage.

Sara Taglieri, who lives in a nearby home told the television station: “We heard this God-awful blast. It knocked pictures off our walls … I’m all up for silliness and whatnot, but that was extreme.”

Matt, Taglieri’s husband, told the TV station that neighbours reported cracks in the foundation of their homes from the explosion.

No injuries were reported. The person who bought and detonated the explosives has turned himself in to police.

He was not identified yet. Police said that they had seen a video of the party and could confirm that the child was a boy. An investigation was ongoing about the matter and they will make a determination on charges.

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