Google may cut pay of staff who work from home

Google may cut pay of staff who work from home
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Daily US Times: Google employees in the United States who wish to work from home permanently may get a pay cut.

The internet giant has developed a pay calculator that lets employees see the effects of moving offices or working remotely.

Employees from remote areas, especially those with a long commute to office, could have their pay cut without changing address.

The company has no plans at this time to implement the policy in the United Kingdom.

Employees in many companies across the world have proved that working from home permanently is viable during the coronavirus pandemic.

Many businesses are looking ahead to how employees will work as the pandemic recedes, even as the United States continues to battle the Delta variant of the disease.

Silicon Valley companies, some of which are eager to get employees back to their desks, are experimenting with employee pay structures.

Big tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft have offered less pay for their employees based in locations where it is more inexpensive to live.

But smaller companies such as Zillow and Reddit have announced that they will pay the same to the employees no matter where they are based, saying that this improves diversity.

A spokesperson from Google said: “Our compensation packages have always been determined by location, and we always pay at the top of the local market based on where an employee works from.”

One employee of Google, who works in Seattle but has a two-hour commute to the office, complained to Reuters news agency of being faced with a 10% pay cut for choosing to work from home full-time.

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