Google under investigation after firing several employees

Google under investigation after firing several employees
Google is denying the accusation. Source: Time
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Daily US Times, San Francisco: The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) launched an investigation against the tech giant Google after recently fired four employees filed a complained. The employees are alleging they raised their voice against Google’s labor practice as the company is having controversial government contracts. They claim this is the reason Google let them leave the company.

The complaint leads to open this investigation.

Google put out a statement denying any wrongdoing. It says “We dismissed four individuals who were engaged in intentional and often repeated violations of our longstanding data security policies, including systematically accessing and disseminating other employees’ materials and work. No one has been dismissed for raising concerns or debating the company’s activities.”

The fired employees- Laurence Berland, Paul Duke, Rebecca Rivers and Sophie Waldman said they filed a lawsuit to make sure that current employees shouldn’t be frightened to raise their voice against any illegal and wrongdoings. They filed the lawsuit last week.

Google said last week it prohibits retaliation in the workplace.

The fired employees denied any wrongdoing. The group published a post in the Medium where they said they were vocal against Google’s certain decisions such as controversial government contracts. The group was also involved in events such as signing letters to cancel controversial government contracts, organizing and participating in walkouts and unionization.

In recent years, Google employees have protested and made accumulative walkout about the issues like the company’s dealing of sexual harassment against executives, pursuit of military contracts, potential desire to deploy a censored search engine in China.