Heavy rains gave relief to fire-ravaged areas, but raises new threat

Heavy rains gave relief to fire-ravaged areas, but raises new threat
The rain badly needed to ease the bush fire. Source: EPA
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Daily US Times, Queensland: Heavy rain and thunderstorm gave a wave of relief in some parts of Australia’s fire-ravaged regions in the east coast.

The rain doused some fires but bringing a new threat of flooding to some areas.

Queensland, New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria experienced the rains. The states are mostly affected by the current bushfire crisis.

In Queensland, major roads were closed and power cuts reported in NSW due to bad weather.

Current bushfire has been running in different parts of Australia since last September. The fire already killed 28 people, scorched millions of acres of land and destroyed thousands of home.

Latest rain update

NSW authorities reported heavy rain in several parts of the state and warned of potential flooding.

The firefighters are working to control the remaining bushfire using rain and cooler temperatures. Even on Saturday, more than 75 fire still running. The state itself has been burning for more than 100 days now.

Rural Fire Service said on Twitter: “Rain continues to fall across a number of fairgrounds, however, the Far South Coast and along the border are still yet to receive any moisture.”

The fire department urged people to use the time to discuss plans about defeating the fires.

Queensland faced the heaviest rainfall Australia has seen in months. Some major roads were blocked by the rain and some residential areas flooded. No deaths and injuries were recorded.