High school student apologizes to Prince Harry for ‘cuddling’ Meghan

High school student apologizes to Prince Harry for 'cuddling' Meghan
Okoye's hug with Meghan quickly went viral. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times, London: A British high school student apologized to Prince Harry for hugging his wife Meghan Markle when she visited his school on Friday.

16-year-old Aker Okoye called the Duchess of Sussex “beautiful” during the surprise visit to Robert Clack School in Dagenham, east London, to mark International Women’s Day on Sunday.

He seized the moment when Markle invited a ”brave young man” to come up discuss the importance of Women’s Day.

After leaning in for appeared to be a kiss on the cheek, the teenager boldly told his schoolmates: ”She really is beautiful, innit.”

His fellow students cheered out loud and Meghan was seen laughing and smiling at the compliment.

In a handwritten letter to Prince Harry, Okoye told that he hoped his actions weren’t out of line. The Sun Newspaper published his letter to the Prince.

He wrote, “I hope you didn’t mind me cuddling your wife. I was just overwhelmed and shocked to see her arrive at my school.”

”It was a pleasure to hear her speech and to speak in front of her as well. She is truly inspirational,” Okoye, who is the head boy of the school added.

He ended wishing the royal couple ”good luck for the future.”

The cheeky student spoke to “Good Morning Britain” TV show on Monday about the viral moment. He said he wrote to Price Harry in a bid to avoid controversy.

“There was an Instagram comment on a post that I was on, and they said if I’m dead in the next six months we know who sent the hit out. I thought ‘Ooh, let me cover myself.'”

Piers Morgan, a host of Good Morning Britain asked “You went in for a long hug. I mean, you took your chance, didn’t you?” Okoye replied: “Of course, of course. Sorry, Harry.”

“It was one of those moments which I’ll cherish for the rest of my life,” he told Morgan.

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