Nas Daily Video: How They Beat Coronavirus

Nas Daily Video: How They Beat Coronavirus
Nas Daily Video: How They Beat Coronavirus
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Nuseir Yassin, Daily US Times: How They Beat Coronavirus? The main thing I wanted to share in this video is the STIGMA. People who get COVID-19 have to suffer from the disease and from society. Remember- if someone heals from COVID-19, they are probably now the safest person to be around.

For the record, just to clarify, Singapore (where this was shot) is NOT in Lockdown – so yes, going outside is completely fine and legal. All unnecessary trips are discouraged, at this point.

By the way, this is the first time I used a square video. What do you think? Is it better or worse than previous landscape videos? 17 people got COVID-19. 17 people healed. This is the story of one of the bigger clusters out there. There is a lot of panics right now. It’s a lot more contagious than the virus.

The advice of the survivors: “Be socially responsible. And have Hope”. Thank YOU, Pastor Wilson, from Grace Assembly Of God Singapore for participating in this video. You are a source of hope. #standtogether

How They Beat Coronavirus

The people you see behind me were all infected with the coronavirus. I can’t show you all their faces. But what I can do is tell you their incredible story. This is a group of friends and colleagues. Who works at a church in Singapore. Back in January one of them got infected with Covid-19 over a family dinner, and without him knowing he came to church and had a normal day.

But little did he know that his virus was spreading like wildfire. Two people got infected, 3, 5, 10, 15, 17 people got infected just like that in a very short time.

No one knows exactly how it happened! It could have been a meeting, a sneeze, a handshake or a cough, That’s how contagious coronavirus is and that’s how an entire church was shut down. From headaches to fevers to intensive care units.

When I was infected and I was a confirmed case, the death thought came through my mind. That I would die, because of the virus.

Each one of them had a different response to the virus some didn’t feel it, others spent 31 days in the ICU. And the story doesn’t end here. In addition to dealing with coronavirus, they had to deal with the stigma. The Covid-19 stigma is huge.

At school, their kids were called Kovid Kids. Hotels didn’t let their family stay and family weddings were forced to be canceled. This is why we had to cover most of their faces. This tragedy was going to ruin their lives. But here is what we don’t hear enough of facts.

Covid-19 has a much higher recovery rate than we think. With over 98% of patients recovering. And for this group of friends, a hundred percent of them recovered. 17 out of 17 of them healed from coronavirus, that is incredible!

In no time they went back to living their lives normally. Full of energy and gratitude. As the days went by I realized that I won’t die, because I felt strong in that point of time physically and emotionally. I didn’t feel that I was dying. Instead, I was feeling that I was recovering and growing stronger by the day.

Now they are donating their blood for medical research. Because of their donations, we can develop vaccines to save everybody else. If you’re worried about beat coronavirus right now, tell your friends about these people. They are not just survivors, they are a source of hope for a future without coronavirus.

What’s your message to the world?

My message to the world be socially responsible and have hope in your heart. The hope of your faith. Hope for your family. I hope for your country and hope for the whole world to overcome this virus together.

Same special comment about How They Beat Coronavirus

Mei Qi Wan: I am a healthcare worker in Singapore. Though it is good to present a positive vibe with high recovery rates here, it may not be the same if our healthcare system is overwhelmed. Death rates can quickly climb up, due to the contagious nature of COVID19. Whatever the death rate is, it’s the absolute number of people who have died that is the important parameter. Yes, there is hope in recovery, but people should not be complacent.

Alejandro Galdamez: Stop giving it a positive spin. This, although positive is a dangerous assumption. There is more needed for recovery. If the hospitals are overwhelmed how do you expect a person needing 31 days in ICU to be treated? Careful, I know positivism and hope are great, just remember 2% of the population is a huge number of deaths.

Girija Kiran: What you said is exactly perfect Nas Daily. Some people are in ICU for nearly one month. In some places, not enough medical facilities. So it is better to maintain self-isolation and social distancing till all these clear. And need to be strong. I hope everyone will be safe and affected people will survive.

Mahikhon Junior: Thank you @Nas Daily for creating this video and giving hope for the majority who are affected and those who are very skeptical about these issues. Do not stop here people but do continue praying and keeping yourself safe and healthy. Not forgetting please refrain from going out and stay quarantined if you have to!

Mabrur Rashid Bannah: This is an informative video n’ with positive notes. We should be more careful. Everything will be all right one day for sure. Waiting for that day. Love from Bangladesh to the entire World.

Donna Chau: Thank you, Nas, for portraying the flip side of the story the media has completely edited out. I love that your videos always show a non-biased take on real social situations. Content is always forging forward and unveiling truths from all around the world!

Yen Chin Woo: Your video sound like it is ok for people to socialize and spread to more people because they can recover from it. It is a very misleading message. You should emphasize social distancing to reduce the healthcare burden and be a responsible individual to protect others. Yes, if you are lucky like the people in the video, you are safe.

Yah-Leng Yu: It’s not STIGMA! People are being cautious if they cancel weddings or gatherings!! I think you are not being responsible and sensitive by putting a video out like this packaging it all positively for your viewership but in fact, putting pressure on those who are working so hard in the front line. We are still fighting hard on this in Singapore! Also, recovered cases can get sick again. Check your facts! We all still have to be cautious, practice social distancing and stay home! And stop misinforming and misguiding people.

Adeeb Mynul: It’s good to have some positivity in this crisis. However, I think this video will encourage people who are still being irresponsible and leaving their homes to be even bolder. I think this seriously needed a disclaimer that people should be socially responsible because if they don’t, the frontline workers get taxed and someone vulnerable could be at risk.

Samuel Avilés: Why do we have to double the suffering every time something bad happens. Just take a moment and put yourself into their shoes. How would you feel if because of your things you love get shut down? We should show overwhelming support to the ones who have gone through and endured through this. We need to stay healthy and spread love not corona.

Ching-Liang Chen: This does not apply to all the countries. The survival of the patient relying on the availability of the ventilator and bed. If the infected rate exceeding the capacity of the medical system that the country can handle, we can see the situation happening in Italy and Spain. Prevention is better than cure. Need to break the chain of spreading.

Nas Daily Video: How They Beat Coronavirus

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