How to avoid sharing Coronavirus misinformation on WhatsApp

Coronavirus misinformation on WhatsApp. Photo source: WhatsApp
Coronavirus misinformation on WhatsApp. Photo source: WhatsApp
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Daily US Times: As countries all over the world are working hard to control of Coronavirus misinformation, people are connecting more than ever with their friends and loved ones for support and information.

However, it’s currently more important than ever that we make sure to only share official, trusted information on Coronavirus, and to remain alert to the possibility that something you have received may not be accurate and should therefore not be shared.

WhatsApp has shared a list of the best ways to make sure that the information you share is accurate, and to avoid sharing misinformation.

Spot news that might be fake

Check for signs that help you decide if the information is fake. For example, forwarded messages with no source or no evidence. Photos, videos, and even voice recordings can be edited to mislead you.

Stop and think before you share a forwarded message

Messages with the ‘Forwarded’ label help you determine if your friend or relative wrote the message or if it originally came from someone else. When a message is forwarded from one user to another more than five times, it’s indicated with a ‘double arrow’ icon to show that it is a ‘highly forwarded’ message, and may potentially be misinformation.

Coronavirus misinformation: Help stop the spread

If you see something that doesn’t sound right or makes unofficial medical claims, ask the sender if they can verify the information. Don’t share a message just because someone tells you to, even if they’re a friend.

Coronavirus misinformation: Verify with other sources

Search online for facts and check trusted sites such as the WHO, your government health ministry, or trusted news sites to see where the story came from.

Report messages or users sharing inaccurate information

We encourage users to report problematic content, contacts or groups to us. You can report any information from within the WhatsApp app by visiting ‘settings>Help>contact us’.

“False personas” spread coronavirus misinformation online

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