How to make him miss you more: 38 secret strategies

How To Make Him Miss You More? Stop all communication and make him miss you like crazy. Photo: Daily US Times
How To Make Him Miss You More? Stop all communication and make him miss you like crazy. Photo: Daily US Times
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Rachel Eloise, Daily US Times: Who doesn’t want to feel missed by a someone special? Whether you’re crushing on a new guy, in a relationship with one, or considering getting back together with an ex, it’s always preferable to have him miss you.

He may be your husband or significant other who you’re apart from; he may be an ex with whom you wish to reunite, or he may be a friend with whom you want something more together. If you want him to miss you there are a few ways to make that happen. Often getting a man to miss you is nothing more than playing a few little mind games with him.

First, you must understand the psychology behind how to make a man miss you. What makes you miss someone? It’s the absence of that person. Does this mean you “cut him off to make him miss you?” No, this is a misconception.

How to Make any Man Miss You – 7 Steps that Always Work!

Does this mean you “give him space to make him miss you?” There’s a half-truth to that, but there is a lot more to this story. Want to know how to make a man miss you like crazy? No matter who “he” is, here are some sure-fire ways to make him miss you.

1. Stop all communication

I know it’s hard not to reach out to that person if you miss him. Of course, you want to be in constant communication with him. But if you really want him to miss you, then give him time to miss you.

He can’t miss you if you keep communicating with him, right? Give him a reason to miss you. Stop calling and texting him. If you continue reaching out, he will never have the reason to miss you.

2. Make him wait before you return his calls and texts

If you’re like most women, when that special someone calls or sends a text, you want to respond back immediately, especially if you’ve been waiting to hear from him for a while. If you make him wait too long, maybe he’ll lose interest though, or is that just what you think? But that is definitely not the case.

Responding to his contact right away sends the message that you are just sitting by your phone waiting for him to reach out. Men love a chase so you can’t make it all too easy for him.

A good rule of thumb is to make him wait twice as long as it took for him to respond to you last. These little games may be silly but they work and it will make him think about you and miss you. Patience will help you when it comes to texting and calling.

3. Be the first to end the conversation

After making him wait, he will eventually contact you if he really likes you. Always be the one to hang up the phone and let him be the one to send that last text. The key is to keep him wanting more of you. Because you ended the conversation, it will make him contact you first because he feels the need to continue your conversation.

4. Romantic texts

It’s safe to say that if a guy is really into you, he’s going to be the one shooting off the text messages. But it certainly doesn’t hurt to send him a couple of cute reminders of why he should be missing you. Just don’t go overboard or you’re going to seem desperate.

Perhaps before you hop into bed at night, you can shoot him a message reminding him you are thinking of him, but only if you are in a relationship. That one is guaranteed to make him miss you. If you can’t think of anything sweet to say over text.

5. Avoid text bombing

Text bombing is where you send text after text without waiting for the other person to respond. If your texting style is to send new texts in paragraphs, that’s ok, but remember, if you want him to miss you, you should limit the amount of contact you make.

Once again this comes back down to confidence. If you’re confident and secure in yourself, you will not feel the need to text all the time.

If you’re missing your man and want to connect, schedule a time to talk uninterrupted. Be understanding that he’ll be busy, he’ll have people to see and things to do. And more importantly, you do too right? Keep yourself busy and the time will fly by fast.

6. Treat him like a friend, not a flame

If you’re missing him, odds are he’s used to you fawning over him. Switch things up when you see him and treat him like a good friend instead of the man who’s keeping your mind occupied all of the time.

Hold back the feelings you have for him even though it may be difficult. Be polite, courteous, and not flirtatious before saying goodbye during your chance encounter. This is more effective if you have another man by your side. When he realizes he doesn’t have a hold on you, then the wheels will start turning and you’ll be on his mind.

Of course, this may also backfire and get him to think that you’re not interested in him so practice discretion when going this route. If he’s sensitive and this could hurt him emotionally it’s best to keep other guys at a distance, try the other options listed.

7. Add a little bit of mystery and surprise

If you want your guy to miss you, you need to keep a little for yourself. You don’t need to tell him every deep, dark secret you have. Your guy loves a little bit of mystery. You do not need to tell everything about you in just one sitting.

He has questions, let him ask his questions, entertain them, and maybe even tease a little out of him yourself, but don’t go all in. Men tend to lose interest if they already know everything about you. They think they already conquered you and you do not excite them anymore. Remember, men love the chase and challenge.

Also, it won’t hurt if you surprise your man sometimes. Instead of a traditional dinner or movie date, why not go hiking and go for an adventure? If he’s happy with your company, he will miss that and will always find ways to be with you again. It’s not manipulation, it’s not being a tease – it’s just something you can do to help keep your man wanting more.

8. Restrict social media usage

You need a bit of mystery to get him to miss you, this is something not to forget. If you’re an avid social media user, don’t update your status too frequently, limit the number of pictures you share, and pause on the Facebook quizzes for the time being.

Or if you want to take a Facebook quiz to go ahead but just don’t share the results, as that can be very annoying for anyone on your news feed. Additionally, don’t interact with your special guy on social media.

If he posts a status or picture, don’t comment or even like the post. Did he share a story on Snapchat? Resist viewing it. Maintain the image that you’re too busy to obsess about his social media activity. It could be hard to do because he looks so cute in his latest Instagram photo but you’ll have to be strong. Resist him now and he’ll be yours later!

9. Leave him craving for more

It’s like our favorite food. When we get a taste of something delicious, we want to taste it again. But here is the catch, if you always get that taste even how delicious it is, you will lose interest. Men want what they can’t have. So give him a taste but do not give it all. Make it challenging for him. In this way, he will appreciate you more.

10. Nurture your own goals & passions

It’s super important that you don’t put all your energy and focus on him. A man greatly admires a woman who has her own life and feels as passionate about it as she does about him.

If you find you’re spending 90-100% of your time with him, or thinking about him or coming up with ways to impress him, stop! The best way to impress him is to have a life of your own.

Spend at least 50% or more of your time focusing on important life & personal goals.

Is it to graduate from University and land a great job? Is it to lose 20 pounds? Is it to increase profits in your business?

Goal setting is such an important part of personal development and confidence building. If you want to be the most attractive and irresistible person to your man (and make him miss you like crazy when you’re gone), you must do this!

11. Establish open transparency from the beginning

A lot of times women who feel insecure feel this way because they fail to establish rules and standards. I encourage every single woman to practice open transparency about your relationship from the get-go.

That means both of you, out of respect, should always keep the other person informed as to where you are, who you’re with, and what you’re doing. This information should be freely volunteered.

The reason why this is about respect is that relationships must be built on trust and communication. When you withhold information from your partner, you’re injecting “doubt” into the relationship. Doubt, uncertainty, and lack of information will contribute to lowering trust.

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NOTE: If you’re dating a man and he does not freely volunteer information about where he was, who he was with, and what he was doing, do not take him seriously. He may have commitment issues. He may be dating multiple women. He may be running from the law.

In either case, don’t fall for a man who doesn’t actively work on building trust with you. Another thing, if your man makes you feel guilty for wanting to know where he is and what he’s doing, get out of that relationship. If a man has nothing to hide, he shouldn’t have a problem with open transparency.

12. Leave him something of yours

A good way to keep his mind on you and missing you is to give him memorabilia. You can put together a little package to give him before he goes or send it to him. This gift package may include one or more of these things. Keep it simple stupid.

A nice photo of you (for the computer or smartphone) so he can save it as his background. A little love note is hidden amongst his things. An item of your clothing splayed with a hint of your favorite perfume.

Something you’ve made (a painting, drawing, any art, and craft thing you’ve made, a collection of love songs, etc). An item that is dear to you.

Pick just one thing from this list to give to him. If you want to be romantic, surprise him by hiding it in his things and then tell him to look for it. Do not leave behind a toothbrush or other items that are intimate because this will surely cause him to panic.

13. If you can cook, cook his favorite meals

Most men are quite traditional when it comes to relationships. They prefer a woman who can cook. Now if you can’t, that’s ok too. A man who loves you will not care if you can’t cook. He just needs to know you care about him.

Food is one way a woman can show she cares for him. By the way, it’s also not difficult to learn but it’s important you “want” to learn and you “enjoy” cooking. If it’s just not your thing, there’s nothing wrong with that. Focus on your strengths instead.

When he becomes accustomed to eating your dishes, all you would need to do is send a photo of you cooking his favorite meal or just tell him what you’re cooking, and he’ll instantly miss you and wish he were with you.

14. Look fabulous when he sees you

There’s nothing that’s going to make a guy miss you more than looking hot to trot when he does spend time with you. Even if you aren’t with him and know he’s going to see you like when you’re out at a party, be sure to go all out on looking amazing. Leave him drooling if you can.

Psychology Today says when guys are visually stimulated that’s interconnected with emotion. And we all know emotion and logic don’t mix. Play with his emotions and you’re going to make him really miss you. Whether he gets the prize or not is completely up to you.

15. Make a point of being happy without him and be memorable

Sure, when you break up with someone you are sad and miserable. What’s important is that you don’t show this to him. If you seem to be totally happy and content, he is going to miss you terribly. On the flip side, if you are a mess, you’re guaranteeing he’s already forgotten about you and moved on.

The first step is to be a girl who is worth missing. Do you know how great you are? If you don’t, no man is going to know that either. You need to show up and be your best self. Love everything about yourself and your life and he’ll love you too.

Laugh hard, love hard, and give yourself what you need to be happy. When you are out there doing your own thing and being fabulous, it’s hard for a man to ignore that.

He’ll want to be around you more when you want to be around yourself. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you need someone to make you happy. Be happy and someone will miss you when you aren’t around.

16. Wear his favorite scent

This one may seem weird but scent and emotions can be extremely powerful. If you happen to have a perfume he goes crazy over, makes sure you wear it ever chance you get. Put on a little extra, even just to be sure he gets a whiff whenever you walk past. With the scent, he’s going to remember and he’s going to miss you, that’s a given.

17. Show him you’re adventures

Men’s Health reports if you want a guy to miss you, you need to slip into adventure because that’s where men shine. Stop talking about his feelings and take action in life.

Guys want to rule the jungle. They want to climb higher and ride further. With you right beside him cheering him on. Make him feel like the king of the world. That’s your golden ticket to make him miss you.

18. Spend time with your friends

Spend time with your friends and share your story and adventure with your man. He must know that you are able to have fun without him. Who knows? He might want to tag along on your next adventure.

19. Be independent

Your man is not going to miss you if you are constantly available to him. Give him space and create your own space, too. There’s no need to be always together. If he is really into you, you do not need to worry about him enjoying the free time. Guys really like it when you are not so clingy. Enjoy your own thing and let him miss you.

20. Be there for him when he needs you

Before a guy can fully fall for a woman, he has to feel safe with her. Trust is a vital component of a thriving relationship. Without it, you’re building on a fake ground that could give out at any moment.

One of the best ways to establish trust is by showing him that he can count on you. Dropping what you’re doing to be with him in a crisis shows him how highly he ranks in your list of priorities. Listening to him talk about a problem in his life without inserting an opinion every two seconds is also useful.

Essentially, you want to show him that he doesn’t have to have his guard up around you. You’re stable and you’re committed to being there when he needs you. This is a really beautiful thing to have, and it’s not something he’ll take lightly.

21. Just be you

And, just be yourself. Do not pretend you’re someone else especially when you are together. Create your own unique self that he will love and can’t resist and that is the personality of a strong, kind, and independent woman.

Go crazy with him, be spontaneous, and have fun together. What guy in his right mind can resist these personalities?

And when you are apart from each other, he can compare you with other girls and he will realize how unique and beautiful you are. And being apart, he will miss you because he knows you are definitely one of a kind.

22. Do spend time to bond

Relationships are like plants. You need to water them every now and then. You can’t just withdraw from your man for weeks and then expect it to be the same or better than when you left.

This is why It is strongly advised against passive-aggressive behavior like giving the silent treatment or “blocking or ignoring” a man just to get attention. Teenagers and immature adults do this because they don’t know any better.

If you want your relationship to thrive instead of die, never play this game. Instead, schedule time now and then to give each other undivided attention. That means to block out a chunk of time where you’ll just focus on one another.

Talk deep and meaningful, discuss relationship issues or concerns, joke around, and play games on the phone. Do whatever you need to do to re-establish that bond. If your man isn’t making time for you, be firm and let him know why your relationship needs it. If he doesn’t take this part seriously, you don’t have a relationship.

23. Talk about sex after you’ve had sex

Most people feel awkward bringing up their sexual preferences and critiquing one another on what could have been better. But here’s where you need to be different. By being open and talking about sex (what you like, what you want to try, asking him the same), you open up a very intimate dialogue with your man.

How to make him love you more

Cosmopolitan relationship experts understand there is a science behind the relationship and falling in love. Knowing the theories behind love will give you an advantage on the guy front.

Sure there are the laws of attraction to loosely base your thoughts on. But it’s the gals that dig a little deeper beneath the surface of love and relationships that have the ultimate power to make him love you more.

How to Make a Man Miss You – 7 New Steps that Always Work

Men can become even more emotionally attached to a woman than they can with him. And often, men will fall in love much faster as well. Surprised? If a woman knows the right emotional hot buttons to push and how to really “make a man fall in love” – emotionally in love that is – she triggers in him the start of a deep and inseparable bond to her.

This bond becomes even stronger (and more urgent) when she’s not with him, making him crave her incessantly even if she is miles away.

24. Body language

Actions do speak louder than words and when it comes to communication with your man, up to 85% comes from your body language. It’s normally the physical draw that gets the conversation going.

When it comes to chemistry, it’s the pheromones that certain people are drawn to. Researchers believe this is what makes people want more after the first signs of physical attraction.

Use your open body language to make him want you more. Signal to him that you are attuned only to him and open for business. Lean towards him, touch his arm, sneak a kiss in here and there, show him you are physically into him with your body language and he will love you more.

25. Make sure you’re compatible with each other

Mutual compatibility is the #1 most important factor in whether love will blossom, and whether a relationship will go the distance. If you’re not compatible with each other, the relationship isn’t going to last. If you are compatible, things will work between you even when times are tough and things get hard.

26. Be someone that he can confide in

In order for him to build a deep bond with you that lasts, he has to feel like he can tell you anything. Even things that you might not want to hear. The most important aspect of building that bond is making him feel safe when he tells you things.

That means not judging him for telling you his truth about something, and it means no passive-aggressiveness or punishing him if he tells you something you don’t want to hear. Be honest with him, and give him space, to be honest with you.

If you show him that he can be comfortable telling you the truth even if it’s something you don’t want to hear, he’s going, to be honest with you all the time. When he feels totally safe telling you anything he needs to, it creates a deep bond between you that is very difficult to break. It’s one of the most important building blocks towards deep, abiding love that lasts.

27. Have your own fulfilling life outside the relationship

One huge truth about good relationships is that they can’t be everything. They have to be a part of a happy life, not the entire thing. You both need your own lives that you can enjoy even when you’re not together.

Make sure that you let him have his own life in the same way that you have your own life outside the relationship. A great relationship isn’t the cake – it’s’ the icing on top of the cake. Your outside life should be the cake, and the relationship is what puts the icing on top and makes everything even better.

So make sure you live your life outside of him, and that he has the opportunity to live his life outside of you so that the relationship has room to breathe and love continues to grow and flourish between you.

28. Mirror movements

It’s true, we are naturally attracted to people like ourselves. The more you have in common the better but even more important, you should show him your interest by mirroring him. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got to wear the same clothes as he does.

However, you should copy his actions. If he takes a sip of his drink you should do the same. Use the same words he does later in the conversation, and if he holds his hands a certain way you should do the same.

Show interest in the things he likes. Perhaps he loves hockey and you hate it. That doesn’t mean you can’t watch a few games with him. Master this and he’s going to love you more.

29. Open up

This is a toughie for many people but the more emotional information you share with your man, the more he’s going to love you. The American Sociological Association found people that shared their secrets more often created that deep connection in a relationship. It’s a part of the intimacy that heightens the act of love as a whole.

The deeper the meaning behind your revelations the deeper the love connection. Just be careful you don’t go overboard and show him you’re a complete emotional wreck. That’s not going to help you any.

30. Get close to him

Psychologist scream loud and clear the closer you are to a guy, the more familiar you’ll get with each other, and the more likely are to fall truly, madly, deeply in love. Maybe not quite like that but you get the picture. The more you are with someone, the more attracted you’ll become.

When you are in a relationship, your love will only grow the closer you are to each other. Make the time to get near each other often and it will happen because the scientist said so!

31. Be happy

This may be the best advice. Be happy. Don’t put on a façade. Be happy because you deserve happiness. When a woman is happy with herself and her life, that’s attractive to a man. When you are in love with a man and show him your happy side, that makes him love you more.

He will want to be around you more by choice. You will be more interesting to him because you are happy with yourself. Let’s say you love dancing.

If you do this when you are around him, you’re going to make him love it too, and love you more. Just by being you and doing the things you love, you are going to snatch his heart a little more. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

32. Compliment him a lot

Men love compliments. It appeals to their sensitive egos. It is in every man’s deepest desire to be with a woman who admires him greatly. Complimenting him is how you show you admire him.

Just make sure you’re genuine. If he looks sexy in jeans, tell him. If he can make you laugh like no one else, let him know. If he can cook mean pancakes, gush about it and even post his creation all over social media. Where else would he get this much praise and attention? Only with you!

33. Tell Him the Magic Words: “Go Out & Have Fun”

This one may seem counterintuitive but it’s such a powerful psychological tactic to get a man to miss you with every ounce of his being. The best way to make him miss you is by telling him to “go out and have fun” without you.

To pull this off you must be confident. You must inherently know: you’re a catch, your man is lucky to have you and it will be hard for him to find another woman like you. And then you confidently tell him, “Don’t forget to go out and have fun. I don’t want you to just stay at home all day like a loser.”

Ironically enough when a man knows he can have his freedom while dating you, he’ll fall in love with you more and not even want his freedom anymore.

34. Volunteer

When you show a guy that you are a giver and self-less person, he’s going to love you more. Taking the time to help others, says a lot about you. When you volunteer your time at the local hospital, to help collect donations for cancer, or to feed the homeless at Christmas time, you’re showing your guy what a great catch you are. He can’t help but love you more for this.

35. Eyes only for him

Guys are really insecure when it comes to other guys. If you make a point of showing him you only have eyes for him, he’s going to want and love you more. Men like to be reminded they are the only guy and when you do this in public, it’s truly empowering for them. Make sure he knows you are focused only on him and he’s sure to love you forever

36. Don’t blame

The last thing you want to do is start questioning your man and blaming him. You can tell him how you feel but don’t point the finger of blame. If he forgot about your date, you can tell him how you feel, just don’t lay into him. When he sees this, he will love you more.

37. Don’t preach

If your man asks you for your thoughts, that’s one thing. However, if you start preaching to him, it will get old fast. Don’t tell him how he should feel or what he should say. Let him talk and save your advice for when it’s asked and he will love you more.

38. Random specific acts of kindness

If you want your man to love you more, you should make a point of showing him daily with random acts of kindness, just make sure they are specific. So if he loves grilled cheese sandwiches, make sure you cook that up for lunch. Perhaps he’s a movie buff so grab him a few passes to the theater.

If he always has dry lips, make sure he’s got Chapstick in his pockets when he needs it. And if he loves to have the boys over for hockey, you should make plans on the hockey nights and let him know he should invite them over to hang out.

When you are constantly showing your guy that you are missing him in small but personal ways, he’s got no choice but to love you more. Life is what you make it. Love is what you make it. Use these practical and clever tips and tricks to make your man miss you and love you more, and you’re going to be a very happy and cherished woman. Exactly what you deserve.

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