How to recover from COVID: get ready for Nike recovery

Nas Daily informing you: get ready for Nike recovery. Photo: Daily US Times
Nas Daily informing you: get ready for Nike recovery. Photo: Daily US Times
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Nuseir Yassin, Daily US Times: This is not meant to depress you. This is intended to inform me and you. I’m sure the news from The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) didn’t make it to everyone in the world. But it’s essential we talk about it. Get ready for a Nike Recovery.

Today, with the help of my economics degree. I want to answer the most important question.

When the economy is recovering, many people say we’re going to recover fast from COVID-19. The economy crashed quickly, but it will go back up very fast! Just like the letter ‘V’. The stock market just recovered, and it looks like a ‘V’!

Stock market is not the real economy

But the stock market is not the real economy. Other people say we will have a ‘U’ shaped recovery. The economy crashed, we will suffer from COVID-19 for one year, and then the economy will go back up fast!

But other people think the recovery will look like a ‘W’. We will go down, then up, then down, but eventually, we will go up just like a ‘W’. And others are not as optimistic they think; we will never recover. The jobs we lost, we will never get back. And the economy will look like the letter ‘L’.

It will look like your Nike shoes, THE SWOOSH!

No one knows what will happen in the future, but slowly it’s becoming clear. Our economy will not look like a U, W, V, or L. It will look like your Nike shoes, THE SWOOSH! Forget the stock market. We had a dramatic fall in every country’s unemployment, protests, bankruptcies.

These problems will improve, but they only develop slowly after many years. So we can only go back to normal bit by bit like a Nike swoosh, and this process will take 10 years! This isn’t just my opinion; this is the US government’s opinion.

The US government’s predicts…

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) predicts that we will go back to a full recovery in 2030, and I can’t help but agree. With 14 million people out of a job, it’ll take years to hire them back. And it’ll take more years for my mom to feel safe to travel again.

So, yes! The stock market bounced back like a ‘V’, but the stock market is an illusion. We have real problems that lead time to fix. So buckle up, be patient, and let’s get to work!

Public Reaction: get ready for a Nike recovery

Stephanie Laser Casali: Hoping this step by step process will contemplate a gradual improvement of the progress for people and earth every step. Evolving and may be completely changing the previous little system sometimes. We can now look at every part that composes the economy itself and adjust it, making it sustainable and everything. These can be 10 years not just of recovery, but progressing like never before because all the order back has been slapped and can now be touched when it was untouchable previously.

Brindy Lee Kimball: I really like watching you but, we can absolutely bounce back much quicker than that. There is no reason things take a long time to be created. It is false to think something has to move slow.

Mizanur Rahman Sohel: He drops the certificate over the edge by accident, and right, as he is about to pick it up after going down like a billion floors (over-exaggeration), the crane behind him, picks the cert up and crumbles it, and dumps it in a trash can.

Ghaye Pangan Canlas – Santos: No one knows what the future holds and yet govt predicted recovery of 10 years in the making. I can’t fathom what’s the goal of this video. I thought it was more of a Nike recovery promo. Why not repost old meaningful videos you made about people that inspired the world? It’s what we need to focus on at this moment.

Achyutha Gubbi: Lets us face it pandemics are going to stay, the gap between the last SARS, MeRS, and the current are one is just 10 yrs. We need to worry not about Nike recovery but sustainability. If not, we will have problems that will take us back into the past, and we need jobs that make the environment safer, We do not need the existing situations before 2020. Some of them are Industrial Forest Growing and Maintenance, Advance Research for Studying all know species and Viruses, we also need laws to ensure, over-consumption is reduced.

Adedeji Clement: Well done, Nas! There is a place for peoples will power and determination in shaping recovery. Once there is a cure for COVID, and the government put the right structures in place, there is no reason to wait for a decade. Where there is a will, there must be away.

Claire Martin: I really love your presentations Nas Daily !! You always give all the views, all the possibilities. You are not biased; you just try to inform people. And thank you for doing so. I salute you from Québec, Canada.

Mukesh Sambi: Once COVID vaccines ready. We will, and I am confident that we recover all our losses with 5 to 6 months. US budgeting team never understand human brains. If anybody wants to behave a stable business, they never ask their skills labor to leave. Remember my word. Within 5 to 6 months world back on track. People need to utilize this low time to increase their skill set. Learn something new and essential things like Automation, new ways of earning their living.

Nadia Khaldi: Why your videos are so pessimistic, please stop doing this we hope every day for the best future best stuff to do. Did anybody know about the pandemic? No, Nobody will know about our future, the only god does.

Nal Manan Mell: Hello, Nas. You sold out guy. I enjoyed your videos on the world and visiting different countries, but you have taken a political turn, and I will no longer be following. It’s unfortunate because you lost your way, and that’s what made your videos great. I would never be able to see other cultures and customs and beautiful architecture and food and history from places! I hope you go back to your original messages to the world!

Kaedence McCarthy: My prediction will be a V because if we fall, we can get back again! We can, will, and shall recover and sustain that recovery! We shall have real hope and be back to normal! I bet we will improve very soon! 10 years is too long, and it can be 1 or 2 years at maximum or a month or two at a minimum! 2030 is too long, and I seriously don’t want to wait for 2030 to come!

Lucky Siri: As always been said, think positively and believe in yourselves. It all depends on how we individually respond, what matters most; we all still have the diversity and capabilities to rise as quickly as we can. The choices are just within but not far to be get discouraged by only one’s opinion.

Joshua Bates: We don’t even have a vaccine! This winter may be terrible! I know economies are opening back up, but this is hardly over. In many countries, the rates are still wrong! In the USA, there are many states where numbers are rising, not going down! I think any economic forecasts are premature until the rates of infection are going down. Let’s talk/focus on money when the terminal ends, ok?

Cristopher Cristian: There are some things that I find a little hard to believe about economic recovery. First, it has no shape. Second, it doesn’t necessarily have to connect with politics. Third not everything depends on what America dictates. Fourth the loss of jobs is surreal. Fifth creating new jobs in a pandemic is a job for Superman. Sixth we are living modern slavery, and nobody/ everybody says anything about that. Seventh and last, the whole economic system as a world ruler is corrupt. Good night dreamers! I’m going back to my cell!

Shimanto Ghosh: Nas Daily! I’m from Bangladesh. In our country, a person once a poor is always imperfect. It does not matter our economic condition goes better, better, and better.
In 48 years of independence, we have seen our economic growth goes much higher. But, problems are the same as before independence.

Mainak Dutta: Nas. I genuinely love to watch your videos. Learning things from every country is indeed an excellent initiative. But if you make videos on everything, you will just lose value. You are not an economist. So generalization based on one prediction is truly an overstatement. Many countries will recover faster than other countries. So, please think twice before making many pessimistic videos. After all, hope keeps us going.

Andrew Lee: A large part of the global economy depends on trade, and some people are still alive today. Trade recovery will indeed be along—political self-seeking but never contributing process. So yes. 10 years is realistic. From the point of view of the country that predicted it – with its current values and morals. For a system that has no intention to change.

Clara Huesa: I am very disappointed to see a brand like Nike recovery in your videos, knowing that it is a very dark-chain production brand. Everybody knows it, and you too. About the economy, we have to pay attention because the recovery depends on de exploitation of natural resources, and they are limited. It means that without a transition to another lifestyle out of neoliberalism, we are under big problems. Let’s talk about a planned decrease. This is all we and the planet need.

Bathsheba Turner: I’m not sure I want an economic recovery anyway, when the gaps between rich and poor got bigger and bigger, where money was valued higher than human life, where the economy works for the minority and not the majority. That’s not an economy that I want.

Mahesh Savita: Let’s just understand that it’s a matter of time the pandemic ends, and the very next moment you’re out there building the economy back from what it was to newer heights. The last six months have pulled the economy down, but on the other side, we’ve seen many new industries flourish. People have started adopting a minimalistic lifestyle, and the household expenses are at the lowest these days. The income-expenses-savings graph has repaired itself beautifully in most of the households across the world. Ten years is a too much extended period. Times when we are taking each year as it comes you’re talking about a decade which is super-hypothetical, isn’t it?

Kimmie Devine: Yeah, never recover, and I will go back not going to be stable economy nope krone virus is never going to go away. I hope Galway it’s not going to be that whole natural world going crazy. America went mad stupid protest people are dying coronavirus left, and right every day, I cannot worry bob protest I am so worried. Still, coronavirus right now, please come on man please Jesus somebody help please let her work it out work together.

Watch the video here about get ready for a Nike recovery-

Get Ready For Nike Recovery

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