Trump Defense Counsel Ken Starr: Impeachment Always Alleged Crimes

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Daily US Times, Washington: Trump lawyer Ken Starr blasted for his ‘vomit-inducing’ hypocrisy as he whines about being in an ‘age of impeachment’. Impeachment, he mentioned, “is hell.” A measure of “last resort.” A nasty behaviour to be kicked.

Kenneth Starr advised the Senate on Monday afternoon that the impeachment of a president had at all times involved crimes— and that none had been alleged within the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

With that, Ken Starr, the person whose years-long probe led to the impeachment of the 42nd president, stood earlier than senators on Monday and delivered an almost hour-long argument in opposition to the ouster of the 45th.

Ken Starr, a member of Trump’s legal workforce who served because the independent counsel investigating former President Bill Clinton, lamented that the U.S. is now within the “age of impeachment.”

“On this particular juncture in America’s history, the Senate is being called to sit down because the excessive court of impeachment all too frequently,” Starr mentioned. “Indeed, we live in what I believe can aptly be described as the ‘age of impeachment.'”

“How did we get here, with presidential impeachment invoked steadily in its inherently destabilizing as well as an acrimonious method?” he requested.

Starr mentioned that “like war, impeachment is hell, or at least presidential impeachment is hell.”

After making his debut within the impeachment trial of President Trump, Ken Starr, who is among the latest members of Trump’s legal workforce, is on the receiving finish of mockery on Twitter after he declared that the US is “residing in what can aptly be described as the age of impeachment.”

Starr performed a key function in former president Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial and issued the infamous Starr Report detailing the extramarital affair Clinton had with then-White House intern Monica Lewinsky— a history that prompted some to point out the irony of his statement:

Starr made the argument that former Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz had been anticipated to make.

He implored the Senate to revive the nation’s constitutional traditions by considering the “common law” of precedent, and the constitutional text itself, which “always” spoke when it comes to actual “crimes.”

“Impeachments must be evaluated in terms of offences against established regulation — particularly with respect to the presidency.”

He mentioned he was not stating that categorically, however famous — citing the same argument on the eve of the impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson in 1868 — the “weight of authority” supported his view.

Starr, talking with maybe unique authority because the a who investigated allegations that led to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, mentioned that precedent suggested criminal conduct needed to be alleged.

The Clinton impeachment, he mentioned, whereas controversial, charged actual crimes, as did the impeachment investigation of Richard Nixon.

The “common law” of impeachment, therefore, required crimes, he argued — and here, there have been none alleged against Trump.

Starr had earlier warned the Senate that an “Age of Impeachment” was upon the country, through which the House would pursue partisan impeachments of presidents from the opposing party.

It was incumbent upon the Senate to protect the country, and the Structure, by ruling in response to the law, and impartial justice.

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