Impeachment: Democrats say Trump left those at Capitol ‘for dead’

Democrats say Trump left those at Capitol 'for dead'
Trump supporters breached Capitol building on January 6. Source: Senate Television via AP
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Daily US Times: Senators have watched new dramatic and graphic video of an attack in the US Capitol by the supporters Donald Trump. The videos are shown in Mr Trump’s second impeachment trial.

Using Mr Trump’s own tweets and speech against him, Democrats prosecuting the case argued he had acted as “inciter-in-chief” on the day and its run-up.

In at times emotional testimony, impeachment managers methodically pieced together the violence took place in January 6.

Unreleased new security footage also showed how close rioters came to US lawmakers.

Police inside the Capitol building were shown desperately ushering politicians to safety, sometimes within yards of rioters breaking their way into the building’s chambers.

In frenzied audio, security officials were heard asking for support and telling how crowds were using weapons like tear gas and bats.

Delegate Stacey Plaskett, presenting evidence, argued that Mr Trump had “deliberately encouraged” the violence and “put a target on the backs” of senior figure, including his own Vice-President Mike Pence.

The building was stormed in January 6 after thousands gathered in support of false claims that widespread fraud denied Mr Trump victory.

Five people, including a Capitol police officer, have died as a mob breached the building where the election result was being certified.

The former president’s lawyers will present the case for the defence later this week, but have already argued the trial against him is politically motivated and unconstitutional.

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