Independent voters want Trump removed from office

Independent voters wants Trump removed from office
Fox News latest poll is not mostly favorable to Trump. Source: USA Today
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Daily US Times: According to a Fox News poll, Trump’s most favorite TV channel, half of the registered voters and a majority of independent voters think the Senate should convict President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial and remove him from office.

The channel released the poll on Sunday.

Last month, President Trump was impeached in the House for abusing his power and obstructing the Congress stemming from allegations that he leveraged military aid to pressure Ukraine into opening investigations for his own political benefit.

But Trump denied any wrongdoing and his legal team has accused Democrats of trying to subvert the will of the voters.

Fifty percent of the people attended in the poll opted that Trump should be convicted and removed and 44% said the opposite.

Registered voters’ opinions largely fell along party lines, with 81% of Democrats favoring the president’s removal and 84% of Republicans opposing it.

But the difference is clear when the independent voters opinion is in the scene. They said Trump should be removed by a nearly 20-point margin, with 53% in favor of conviction and 34% opposed.

The poll was conducted in between January 19-22. This was the time when the Senate trial technically was underway but before the House impeachment managers and the president’s legal team were able to make their cases.

In the Senate debate, Democrats have argued the Senate should subpoena additional witnesses and documents before rendering its verdict. But 48% of voters differed with the Democrats’ view. They said the Senate all the information it needs, while 44% said it should hear from additional witnesses.