Indianapolis mass shooting: Eight dead at FedEx facility

Eight dead at FedEx facility
Source: Indianapolis Star
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Daily US Times: Indianapolis police say eight people have been killed and many injured in a shooting in the city.

Witnesses heard several gunshots at a FedEx facility in the city and one said he had seen a man firing an automatic weapon.

The gunman is thought to have been acting alone and is reported to have killed himself. Indianapolis authorities said there was no further threat to public safety.

Several of the injured are in hospital, according to police. Flights from the nearby airport are not affected by the shooting.

City police spokeswoman Genae Cook said: “As officers arrived, they came into contact with an active shooting incident,” adding that it had taken place at around 23:00 local time (03:00 GMT).

“After a preliminary search of the grounds, inside and out, we have located eight people at the scene with injuries consistent to gunshot wounds. Those eight were pronounced deceased here at the scene,” the spokesperson added.

Ms Cook said four of the injured had been transported to hospital while one is in a critical condition. Many others were themselves sought treatment in hospital or treated at the scene.

She said the motive for the killing was not clear.

She paid tribute to the officers involved.

“It is very heart-breaking and, you know, in the Indianapolis Metro Police Department, the officers responded,… they went in and they did their job,” she added.

A statement from FedEx said the company was aware of the shooting and co-operating with the authorities.

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