Indonesia Boeing 737 passenger plane crash site found, navy says

Indonesia Boeing 737 passenger plane crash site found, navy says
Indonesian investigators inspect an item they believe could belong to the missing plane. Source: EPA
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Daily US Times: Indonesian Navy said they had traced the location where they believe a Boeing 737 passenger plane crashed into the sea on Saturday.

The Sriwijaya Air jet was carrying 62 people when it disappeared from radar shortly after take-off from the country’s capital Jakartainto to Pontianak in West Kalimantan province.

Signals thought to be from the jet’s flight recorder were traced and more than 10 ships have now been deployed to the site with navy divers.

Chief of Indonesia’s search and rescue agency, Bagus Puruhito, said: “We have detected signals in two points, this could be the black box.”

Investigators are also analysing wreckage items they believe to be the wreckage of the plane, including a wheel and what they say could be part of the plane’s fuselage.

Yusri Yunus, a spokesman for the Jakarta police, said two bags had been received from the search and rescue agency.

He told reporters: “The first bag contained passengers’ properties, another bag contained body parts,” adding: “We are still identifying these findings.”

Search and rescue efforts for the missing plane were suspended overnight but resumed early on Sunday. Four planes have also been deployed to help rescue team.

The missing aircraft is not a Boeing 737 Max, the model that was grounded from March 2019 until last December following two deadly crashes.

The Sriwijaya Air plane departed capital Jakarta airport at 14:36 local time (07:36 GMT) on Saturday.

Minutes later, at 14:40, the last contact with the passenger aircraft was recorded, with the call sign SJY182, according to the transport ministry.

The usual flight time to Pontianak, in the west of the island of Borneo, is 1 and half hours.

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