Indonesian bus accident left 26 dead

Indonesian bus accident left 26 dead
Rescue workers carry a victim of an accident at Liku Lemantang, South Sumatra province, Indonesia. Source: Reuters
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Daily US Times, South Sumatra, Indonesia: At least 25 people have died in Indonesia after a bus plunged down a steep ravine and landed in a river. Thirteen others injured in the same incident on Monday night.

The driver and two crews are among the killed.

The passenger bus was carrying 37 people and a driver in South Sumatra province when it plunged around 100m (328ft). The bus left Bengkulu city, on Sumatra island earlier on Monday and the accident occurred at the Liku Lematang area at around 23:15 local time (16:15 GMT).

120 rescue workers are deployed on the site to help survivors and retrieve the dead. What caused the accident is being investigated.

Rescuers remove the body of a victim of a bus accident in Pagaralam, Indonesia, on Tuesday. Source: AP

Evacuating the survivors is the priority of police now, said Pagar Alam Police chief Dolly Gumara.

He also called the victims family to come to the hospital to identify their relatives.

Road accidents are common in Indonesia due to poor safety standards and infrastructure.

Last year, 27 people died in West Java after a tourist bus ran off a road and overturned. The bus had been taking 40 passengers to visit thermal springs. Two months later, two accidents in West Java killed at least 15 people.