Insurrection incitement charge against Donald Trump is a ‘monstrous lie’

Insurrection incitement charge a 'monstrous lie'
In this image from video, Michael van der Veen, an attorney for former President Donald Trump, answers a question from Sen. Bill Cassidy. Source: Senate TV via AP
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Daily US Times: Donald Trump’s defece lawyers said the insurrection incitement charge against the former president is a “monstrous lie”.

Lawyer Michael van der Veen called impeachment proceedings against Mr Trump a “politically motivated witch hunt” by the Democrats.

Trump’s defence team said Democrats of waging a campaign of “hatred” and ‘monstrous lie’ against Mr Trump.

Mr Trump is accused of causing riots in the US Capitol building on 6 January which left five people dead. He denies the charge.

Most Republicans have indicated they will not vote to convict Donald Trump.

The defence lawyers took less than four of its 16 hours, trying to move the trial to a speedy end.

After this, senators, who act like juror in the trial, were given four hours to ask questions of the two sides.

Earlier, they sat through two days of minute-by-minute accounts featuring audio and video footage, as Democratic prosecutors sought to show that Mr Trump had a pattern of condoning violence, had done nothing on the day to prevent the riot, and had expressed no remorse.

They argued that an acquittal from the charge could see a repeat attack on Congress.

On Friday, Mr van der Veen used his opening remarks to dispute the Democrats’ case that Donald Trump had incited violence during his speech to supporters on 6 January in Washington DC to try to stop Mr Biden’s election victory being certified.

Mr Trump had made allegations of widespread voter fraud and urged his supporters to converge at the Capitol building a short while before the riot broke out.

However, the fact there was evidence among some Trump supporter groups that violence had been pre-planned demonstrated “the ludicrousness of the incitement allegations against the [former] president”, Mr van der Veen said, adding: “You can’t incite what was already going to happen.”

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