Iowa man rescued after shouting ‘Siri, call 911’

Iowa man rescued after shouting, 'Siri, call 911'
The man couldn't use his phone. So he use Siri. Source: CNN
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Daily US Times, Iowa: Gael Salcedo, 18, An Iowa man hit a patch of ice on the road on his way to Charles City. He lost control of his car, and the car plunged into an icy Winnebago River.

He couldn’t find his phone to call emergency service for help. He then shouted ‘Siri, call 911’. The emergency service was so quick and he apparently rescued from dead-end.

Mason City Fire Department arrived at the scene quickly but they couldn’t able to get him out of the car easily as the river current immobilized the driver’s side door. The chief of the city’s fire dept Lt. Craig Warner said, there was no other option rather Salcedo had to walk out.

Salcedo commented, ‘I didn’t know where I was going and then I just didn’t know what to do. I was just thinking in my head ‘I think I’m going to die’.

‘My hands were freezing. I couldn’t feel my legs anymore, so I was struggling a lot and the water was just so strong,” Salcedo told KIMT. “I kept tripping, and I had the guy help me up a bunch of times and I used all my strength to get out of the water’, he added.

With the fire dept. help, Salcedo made it out of the river. He was taken to the hospital and then released after a few hours.