Isis tells followers not to travel to Europe for attacks because of outbreak

Isis tells followers not to travel to Europe for attacks because of outbreak
The flag of the terror group Isis. Source: Independent (File Photo)
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Daily US Times: Terrorist group Islamic State (Isis) tells its fighters not to travel to Europe for attacks as the continent became to the new epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak.

The group previously called jihadists to target the area, but now revised its decision and advised supporters not to travel to Europe.

It also suggested guidelines to the public to wash their hands regularly.

British media The Independent reported that the Islamic State directive is featured in the latest issue of the group’s al-Naba newsletter, which contains a full-page of “directives to deal with epidemics” taken from Islamic texts.

The newsletter said, “The healthy should not enter the land of the epidemic and the afflicted should not exit from it.”

In a departure from official guidance from the World Health Organisation, the Isis guidance to supporters includes sealing off water containers, as well as covering the mouth when yawning and sneezing.

One featured hadith, or saying of the prophet, reads: “There is one night in the year when pestilence descends, and it does not pass by any vessel that is not covered or any waterskin that is not tied up, but some of that pestilence descends into it.”

WHO declared Europe the new epicenter of coronavirus outbreak. Many countries of the continent are taking sweeping measures to control the situation. The number of confirmed cases in Europe has passed 50,000, with more than 24,000 in Italy alone, which is the worst affected country outside of China.

The coronavirus outbreak has also been reported in other countries where Isis is active, including Afghanistan, Iraq, and Indonesia.

The number of confirmed cases in Iraq rose to 124 and the Iraqi government imposed a week-long curfew in the capital Baghdad.