Israel leads coronavirus vaccinations race with 12% given jab

Israel leads coronavirus vaccinations race with 12% given jab
Israel has given priority to the over-60s in its vaccination campaign. Source: EPA
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Daily US Times: Israel has given coronavirus vaccinations to more than one million people, the highest rate in the world, as global immunisation efforts againt the virus step up.

According to a global tracking website affiliated with Oxford University, Israel has a rate of 11.55 Covid vaccination doses per 100 people, followed by Bahrain at 3.49 and the UK at 1.47.

In comparison, France had vaccinated 138 people in total by 30 December.

More than 1.8m people have now died of the Covid-19 around the world.

The comparative figures on coronavirus vaccination are put together by Our World in Data, which is a collaboration between Oxford and a UK-based educational charity.

They measure the number of people who have got a first dose of the vaccine. Most of the vaccines approved for use so far rely on two doses, given more than a week apart.

The United States fell far short of its target of vaccinating 20 million people by the end of 2020, with just 2.78 million having received a jab by 30 December.

Meanwhile, India is staging drills of its coronavirus vaccine roll-out, ahead of an expected approval by the national regulator next week.

Israel began vaccinations against the virus on 19 December and is delivering shots to about 150,000 people a day, with priority given to the over-60s, people who are clinically vulnerable and health workers.

It secured supplies of the Pfizer vaccine following negotiations early on in the coronavirus pandemic. It is contacting people with priority access to the Covid-19 vaccine through its health care system – by law all Israelis must register with a recognised health care provider.

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