Italy returns to strict coronavirus lockdown for Easter

Italy returns to strict lockdown for Easter
The lockdown will last three days over Easter weekend. Source: EPA
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Daily US Times: Italy has entered a strict three-day lockdown in an attempt to prevent a Covid-19 cases surge over Easter.

All regions in the country are now in the “red zone” – the highest tier of restrictions – as Italy battles a third wave of infections, with about 20,000 new cases a day.

Non-essential movement is banned by the authorities, but people are allowed to share an Easter meal at home with two other adults.

Churches are also open, but worshippers are suggested to attend services within their own regions.

Pope Francis will deliver his Easter message to an empty St Peter’s Square for the second year.

Following the holiday weekend, different regions will then remain in either “red zone” or “orange zone” restrictions until the end of the month.

Italy’s restrictions come as other European countries try to control a surge in cases of Covid-19, while struggling with a delayed vaccine rollout.

More than 110,328 people in total have died of the Covid-19 in Italy, and there have been 3.6 million confirmed infections.

Just over a year after the country became the first western nation to be hit by Covid epidemic. In last year’s February, people in many northern areas were told to stay at home and the lockdown was later extended to the rest of Italy.

Free movement was restored in June, but the country is now facing a third wave of Covid-19. On 1 April, it registered 23,634 new cases and 501 deaths.

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