January 6 Capitol attack hearing opens as police detail violence, injuries

Jan. 6 hearing opens as police detail violence, injuries
Source: AP
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Daily US Times: A committee investigating the January 6 Capitol attack opened its first hearing on Tuesday with a focus on the law enforcement officers who were attacked and beaten while the rioters broke into the building — an effort to put a human face on the violent insurrection of the day.

Panel’s chairman, Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson, said as he opened the session: “There’s no place for politics and partisanship in this investigation.”

The witnessing police officers who are scheduled to testify endured some of the worst of the brutality. They were rampled, crushed, punched and sprayed with chemical irritants. The police officers were called racial slurs and threatened with their own weapons as the violent mob of then-President Donald Trump’s supporters overwhelmed them, broke through doors and windows and interrupted the certification of Democrat Joe Biden’s presidential win.

Testifying will be Capitol Police officers Aquilino Gonell and Harry Dunn and Metropolitan Police officers Daniel Hodges and Michael Fanone.

Dunn has said in previous interviews that attackers yelled racial slurs and fought him in what resembled hand to hand combat as he held them back. Gonell, who was previously deployed in Iraq, detailed surgery on his foot and injuries from the attack which he struggled to recover.

Fanone has described how the rioters dragged him down the Capitol steps and shocked him with a stun gun and beat him.

Hodges was beaten and crushed between two doors, and his anguished screams and bloody face were caught on video.

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