Japan finds black particles in Moderna vaccine

Japan finds black particles in Moderna vaccine
Several black particles were found in one vial of the vaccine by a pharmacist. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: Japan has put a batch of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine on hold after black particles were found in a vial.

Authorities say a pharmacist saw several black particles in one vial of the vaccine in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Some 3,790 people had already received vaccine doses from the batch. The remaining doses of the batch has now been put on hold.

It comes less than a week after Japanese government announced that they suspended the use of about 1.63 million Moderna doses due to contamination.

The black particles were found when the pharmacist was checking for foreign substances before the vaccine’s use.

The domestic distributor of Moderna vaccine has collected the vial suspected to be contaminated.

There is no evidence so far of any health hazards caused by the potentially contaminated vaccine, according to local media reports.

Takeda Pharmaceutical, which distributes and sells the vaccine in Japan, put three batches of the vaccine on hold just last week after “foreign materials” were found in some doses of a batch of roughly 560,000 vials.

In a statement, Spanish pharmaceutical firm Rovi, which bottles the vaccine, said that a manufacturing line in Spain could be the cause of the issue, adding that they were conducting an investigation.

Japan’s health minister said on Tuesday that foreign matter found in vials in the southern prefecture of Okinawa were due to needles being incorrectly inserted into vials.

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