Jeremy Corbyn apologises over heavy Labour defeat

Jeremy Corbyn apologises over heavy Labour defeat
Mr Corbyn said there is no fix to regain voter's trust. Source: Reuters.
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Daily US Times, London: Jeremy Corbyn has apologised to Labour supporters over his heavy defeat in the UK general election. His piece has published in the Sunday Mirror and the Observer where he also took all responsibility for the defeat.

In his open letter, Corbyn said, ‘I will make no bones about it. The result was a body blow for everyone who so desperately needs real change in our country. I’m sorry that we came up short and I take my responsibility for it.’

It also comes as Lisa Nandy and Jess Phillips have set out their stalls ahead of the race to succeed Mr Corbyn.

Corbyn’s Labour Party was crashed by the Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party in Thursday’s election. It was Conservative Party’s biggest election in thirty years. They took over many traditional Labour heartlands and got majority in the parliament.

On the other hand, Labour Party faced its worst election since 1935 and its vote share fall by 8 points.

Boris Johnson will unveil his Queen’s Speech on Thursday, which will include a commitment to enshrine increases in spending on the NHS in England in legislation.

Corbyn’s letter said their campaign offered ‘hope’ to the nation and he remained ‘proud’ for his election campaign.

Corbyn is expected to step down early next year. He said the party is determined to regain the trust of lifelong Labour voters.

Midlands and the north of England have been the ‘red wall’ for Labour for generations. But conservative party broke the wall and claimed victory over Labour lifeline.

Boris Johnson went to the north to thank the voters for ‘breaking the voting habits of generations’ to back the Conservatives’.

In his speech, he promised his party would repay people’s trust.

Mr Corbyn said his campaign had re-set the terms of debate and his manifesto would be treated as ‘historically important’.

‘I am proud that on austerity, on corporate power, on inequality and on the climate emergency we have won the arguments and rewritten the terms of political debate,’ he said.

Many voters left Labour, and there is no quick fix to regain that voters, Mr Corbyn describes.

Discussions for electing new Labour leader will initially start from next week.