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DMV IT Service
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Daily US Times: Growing corporate Information Technology (IT) investment contributes to increased demand for certified IT professionals. Most industry analysts say that an IT certification is an assurance of reliability and a degree of knowledge.

Advantage of IT Certifications

According to reports, 63 percent of organizations who perceive themselves to be developed in terms of knowledge and utilization of technology consider IT certifications to be advantageous in their recruiting process as of 2020.

Furthermore, the pay for certified IT professionals is average more than noncertified IT professionals, even with a bachelor’s degree. Employees with proper certification have a higher chance of getting hired as they would be more knowledgeable about the IT infrastructure and its security.

Thus, more and more people attend boot camp-oriented courses and take the necessary exams to get certified.

One-of-a-Kind IT Training Course

Herein lies a problem, not everyone who gets certified has the adequate skills or necessary experience in the IT field. DMV IT Service, a tech startup from the DC Metropolitan area, is changing the game when it comes to IT institutes. A one-of-a-kind IT course called Zero to Pro (aka ZTP) prepares students for three major vendor-neutral certifications, i.e., CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+.

Zero to Pro IT Course Orientation Video with DMV IT Service

The course also includes practical demos and workplace training built into their curriculum. Additionally, they offer job placement assistance, resume enhancement, and training students with crucial interview skills to be prepared for the job market.

No IT Knowledge? No Problem! This Institute has a Solution for You!

DMV IT Service is perfect for anyone as it starts from basic knowledge, slowly easing into the advanced topics required for a successful entry into the job market. As previously stated, the Zero to Pro program covers CompTIA A+, Sec+, and Net+ certification preparation.

CompTIA A+ portion of the course teaches basic computer hardware/software knowledge, which is crucial for students to understand the advancing technology world such as Virtualization and Cloud Computing, and software Troubleshooting.

CompTIA Network+ is focused on Networking Concepts, Network Operations, and Security, along with Network Troubleshooting. Tools. Lastly, CompTIA Security+ includes more advanced theories such as attacks, threats, vulnerabilities, operations, incident response, and many more.

Affordable online IT Training Option with Financing Available

This institution stands out from the others in the area due to their course being completely online with highly qualified instructors from accredited universities throughout the United States, allowing anyone to join.

The classes are held for three hours per day, twice a week, for approximately three months. Every session is recorded and posted on Student Portal, allowing students to re-visit any lecture if they are unable to attend the live class. Best of all, pricing is extremely competitive compared to other institutions.

DMV IT Service is currently offering the ZTP Program for only thirty-six hundred US Dollars and no “Post Job Placement” fee. This means students do not have to pay an arm and a leg once you score their dream job in IT, Networking, and the Cyber Security field. Students can finance at 0% interest if they cannot pay the full amount for the ZTP course.

Other Courses and Services, including Affiliate Marketing/Referral Program

DMV IT Service also provides other courses such as CCNA, CEH, Azure, AWS, Java, and Python and Data Science courses. Furthermore, they provide IT consulting services to businesses close to their headquarter in the Washington, DC area.

The company is expanding to New York City very soon as they are working towards recruiting, staffing, and contracting for IT positions. DMV IT Service even has an affiliate-marketing/referral program, which anyone can join for free to receive $100 per referral to the ZTP course.

To learn more about their programs, pricing, and class objectives, visit website: or call +1 571-458-9953.

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