Joe Biden extends lead over rival Sanders in Democratic presidential race

Joe Biden extends lead over rival Sanders in Democratic presidential race
Biden's massive win this Tuesday cements his nomination. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times, Washington: Former US Vice President Joe Biden cemented his position as a front-runner in the Democratic race to take on Donald Trump in the upcoming November general election.

Mr Biden won Michigan, the biggest prize of primary voting on Tuesday.

After defeating the first three votes, Biden strongly came back in Super Tuesday vote. Several of his former rivals endorsed him before the last Tuesday’s vote.

A week later, this Tuesday, he extends his lead over Bernie Sanders.

It is unclear that Bernie Sanders will fight on until the party convention in July.

The Democrats’ next big election milestone is in a week’s time when 577 delegates are up for grabs.

To cement the Democratic nomination, a candidate needs to support of 1,991 delegates.

What is Biden’s message?

Joe Biden’s campaign looked all but lost the first three primary season votes in February. The 77-year-old candidates showed poor performance of being forth in Iowa caucuses and Fifth in the New Hampshire primary.

But he came back strongly in Super Tuesday with the support of large African-American community.

In a victory speech in Philadelphia, Joe Biden thanked supporters and said Democrats, including supporters of Bernie Sanders, could beat Donald Trump.

“It’s more than a comeback, this campaign,” he said. “It’s a come back for the soul of this nation.”

“Tonight we are a step closer to restoring dignity and honor to the White House,” Mr Biden added.

“We have to lead the world again,” the former vice-president said. “Donald Trump’s America First policy has made America alone.”

Senator Sanders, 78, enjoys widespread support among young voters but has so far failed to turn that into electoral success.

Beginning of the end

Mississippi was the first state to be called for Biden on Tuesday, and it was only the latest example of his campaign. The result of the state is proved another reason why the former VP appears to be in driver’s seat as the election season unfolds.

More than 60% of Mississippi’s voters are black. And, as in South Carolina, the former vice-president dominated that demographic, to the tune of 86-11.

The common idea is that a Democrat can’t win the nomination without the support of black voters, somewhat in doubt after Sanders’ dominating win in the Nevada caucuses, now seems to once again be an ironclad rule.

Fore years ago in 2016, Michigan gave a surprise win to Bernie Sanders. The win was a life line for Sanders’s campaign. This time around, the Midwestern state could mark the beginning of the end for his campaign.

Barring some sort of drastic change in the race, a recovery seems unlikely in the extreme. With every state Sanders loses, he falls farther behind – and the more improbable his comeback would be.

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