Joe Biden marks start of presidency with flurry of executive orders

Joe Biden marks start of presidency with flurry of executive orders
President Biden quickly signed executive actions on coronavirus, climate change and racial inequality. Source: Reuters
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Daily US Times: Joe Biden has marked the start of his presidency by signing a series of executive orders on a suite of issues, including the environment, Covid-19, immigration and ethics.

Some of the executive orders signed on the first day undo significant actions from now-former Trump’s administration, including ending the declaration of a national emergency used to justify funding construction of a wall on the US-Mexico border and halting the travel ban from Muslim-majority countries.

President Biden also signed an executive order allowing the US to rejoin the Paris climate agreement and end the former administration’s efforts to exclude undocumented immigrants from the census data used to determine how many seats in Congress each state gets.

The president also moved quickly to address coronavirus pandemic, signing orders to social distancing and mandate mask wearing in federal buildings and lands and to create a position of a Covid-19 response coordinator.

The new president also revoked the permit granted for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline and instructed all executive agencies to review executive actions that were “damaging to the environment, [or] unsupported by the best available science”.

The president also ordered all executive branch employees to sign an ethics pledge and placed limits on their ability to lobby the government while he is in office.

Mr Biden also ordered federal agencies to review equity in their existing policies and come up with a plan in 200 days to address inequality in them.

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